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From operations leaders to sales reps, we help the whole team excel at your job and enjoy the workday.

Paramount Staffing



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99% Adoption


+30% higher sales activity

More competitive in their market

Enforced best-practises in sales 

I know from my experience adoption rates with CRM systems can be a difficult thing. My folks have a 99% adoption rate using FreeAgent.

In our industry, it’s competitive. Differentiation is tough. FreeAgent gives you differentiation.

FreeAgent gives me the ability to enable my sales people at the point of sale and make them look better than any other sales team through best-in-class built-in practices.

My team has adopted it wholeheartedly. The team activity levels in the first month were 30% higher than the previous month before we had FreeAgent. It’s been a resounding success.”

Anthony Hegarty

VP of Sales


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Our team is your team. Allow us to introduce a few members from your top-rated, award-winning all-star crew. From implementations to celebrations, we’re here for you.

Ivan Carrillo

Customer Support Leader

Kenton Collins

Head of Customer Success

Gwen Tamayo

Implementation Specialist



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We can help you  unlock permanent visibility into key metrics AND boost the productivity that drives them.

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