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At every stage of the CRM buying journey, we’re here to help.

The centralization of our data has improved our collaboration considerably. The visibility has saved us 16-20 hours a week/employee and helped us reduce our cycle time by more than 50% (2x faster).

FreeAgent gives me the agency to be experimental. With other CRMs, it feels like you are working to benefit the CRM. With FreeAgent, it feels like the CRM is working to benefit you.”

Matt Espinoza

Co-Founder & Director of Partnerships
Software & Services

2x Faster Cycle time💨

⚡ 16-20 employee hours saved/week

70% increase in pipeline

I don’t know any sales reps that want to spend time using a CRM instead of being out there, in front of the customer, making proposals and doing the things they need to do to be successful.

That’s why we chose FreeAgent. We wanted to find something that our reps actually wanted to use. Our sales reps know that FreeAgent is here for them, and helps them be successful.

Having a CRM that is easy to use and helps the sales rep succeed means they will be more engaged with their customers, and ultimately, have more successful careers.”

Herb Davis

Area Sales Manager, Capital Waste Services

37%+ revenue growth

⚡ 5x faster lead-response time

⚡ 20 rep hours saved / week 

💯 100% Adoption rate 

FreeAgent allows us to focus on what we do best; providing quality healthcare in our communities in every way, every day.” 

Historically we weren’t able to track invoices and communications very well. Things like the total number of events and referrals were all managed individually. My goal was to be able to share what my team was doing for the organization internally and demonstrate that value to the board. 

That’s where the FreeAgent team has come in and has just been so instrumental in helping us taking our unique processes and bring them to life within the system.”

Orlando Lozano

Director of Business Development
Legacy Community Health
Healthcare Network, Physician Management

⚡️ 3x faster follow-ups

⚡️ 2x faster employee onboarding 

🕒 10+ employee hours saved/week

My team has adopted it wholeheartedly. The team activity levels just in the first month were 30% higher than the previous month before we had FreeAgent. It’s been a resounding success.

I’m a big believer in data driven insight and insight-driven sales tools to enable and empower my sales team. FreeAgent has given me the ability to do that.

FreeAgent gives me the ability to enable my sales people at the point of sale and make them look better than any other sales team through best-in-class built-in practices.

In our industry, it’s competitive, differentiation is tough. FreeAgent gives you differentiation.”

Anthony Hegarty

VP of Sales, Paramount Staffing
Staffing & Recruiting

We needed a very intuitive CRM that could be modified quickly to adapt to our changing environment.

We looked at 4 or 5 different CRMs, and FreeAgent was the one that was the easiest to use. It also looked way more modern and was very flexible, easy to customize. What ultimately made us choose and recommend FreeAgent was the support they offered us during this phase of our development. That was really important to me.

FreeAgent has allowed us to streamline our processes. It’s freeing up a couple of hours a day for everybody, and it’s also allowing us to be more consistent and targeted.

We’ve been able to support and drive the behaviors we are looking for. FreeAgent gave us the visibility to show that the system is working and we are improving quickly. We can share that with everyone, and they can see their success and the success of their peers.

FreeAgent has allowed us to be more consistent with how we do things and our results. Our reps can spend more time talking to brokers and the right brokers because they now know who they spoke to last, who is ready, and who needs more time. It allows everyone to work more efficiently.

I like to call FreeAgent my personal assistant. I don’t have to remember who is approved, who I spoke to, who I need to speak to… FreeAgent does it for me.

FreeAgent houses all of my info. It gives me everything at a glance. It has the answers to all my questions.

It used to take me upwards of 10 hours a day to do my job. Now it takes me closer to 6. I suddenly have more time to help more people and to focus on marketing and other key areas. It is such a huge improvement.”

Doug Hansen

VP of Wholesale | Newfi Wholesale
Financial Services

💯 100% adoption

⚡️ 2x faster deal cycle time 

🕒 10+ hrs employee time saved / week

I would definitely recommend FreeAgent, especially for our industry. We did our due diligence, we looked at a number of solutions.

We looked at a lot of other CRM’s and they look like they’re stuck in the early 2000’s.

When I saw FreeAgent, I felt more comfortable immediately in the way it looks and the user experience. It’s very clean and simple to use. We’re a modern company, creating leading-edge technology. The way I describe it to people is that FreeAgent is made for our generation.

I would really drive home the fact that you can customize it in any way you want fairly easily and quickly.

Because it’s straightforward how to create things, you can really manipulate the apps to do whatever you want. We use an app to track our competitors, for example.

We used to spend a lot of time preparing to reach out to customers. That preparation has been significantly reduced — from hours to minutes. We can quickly glance and have all the information at our fingertips.

That’s probably our biggest efficiency gain because it’s led to having more well-managed customer accounts and opportunities per sales rep.

Our salespeople now communicate with more customers per day than was possible before.

Onboarding reps are able to do their jobs a whole month quicker because of FreeAgent.

Our sales leader has seen huge improvements and been able to drive much more efficiency in the sales process.

Visibility went from 0 to 100 using FreeAgent. Now we log in and everything’s there. I think it made the salespeople power users.

That’s a big difference we see with FreeAgent vs other CRM’s — we use FreeAgent for everything; from managing our highest revenue customer down to keeping our meeting minutes from our team meetings.

Now, anytime we find ourselves working in spreadsheets, our first thought is ‘Can we do this in FreeAgent instead?’ And most of the time the answer is yes.”

Ivan Plavec

Chief Business Officer | ImaginAb
Life Sciences, Biotech


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