Taking care of business

We believe in the power of transparency and alignment for radical business growth

Top-Down Transparency

When teams are aligned, magic happens. Shift the conversation from individual quotas and objectives toward whole-team successes. By cultivating a culture of transparency, sharing goals/metrics and providing visibility across teams, you curate an environment of accountability.

Bottom-Up Transparency

Data relationships matter, too. To make the right moves, you need to be able to rely on your CRM to capture and organize everything that matters, effortlessly. That's why we designed the easiest-to-use CRM for sales teams and backed it up with our Adoption-Guarantee.

Inside-Out Transparency

Customers that trust you are 4x as likely to purchase again and 10x more likely to refer their friends. We believe that deeper customer relationships allow companies to deliver more value—automatically and authentically increasing sales, improving reputation, and growing a trusted brand.

A better way to do business

A holistic approach to business growth


FreeAgent is a mission to help businesses align teams, foster transparency, and increase revenue. From the beginning, we’ve believed that businesses big-and-small should have an opportunity to compete by harnessing intelligent automation and leveraging actionable insights that drive results and visibility for faster, more predictable growth.