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Unleash the power of FreeAgent in your organization.

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Professional Services

At FreeAgent, we offer a premium in-house professional services option as an alternative to implementing customizations/integrations yourself or hiring a third-party solutions partner.

These are product experts who are passionate and knowledgeable about FreeAgent, so you’ll find that it is a good option if you do want to have a custom integration made. Our in-house services team uses simple hourly pricing at a current rate of $200/hour. Customized estimates for professional services are typically only provided for current FreeAgent customers. View some Examples of Professional Services Billing Hours.


What about implementation or personalized live training for my team?

Our in-house services team is happy to provide onboarding services at the same simple hourly rate. Hours are sold in 10-hour-packs. FreeAgent customers can access Professional Services for expert, personalized onboarding services at any time.

Integrations & Customizations

A lot can be accomplished with No-Code Integrations via Zapier, Webhooks, and our Direct Integration Platform. But for more custom or complex implementations, with FreeAgent’s robust Open API, the possibilities are endless.

Data Import

Need help importing your data?

Sometimes data isn’t as clean and it can be time-consuming to tidy it up for import, let us help you with this task!

Work your way

It can be hard to figure out where to start when getting a new CRM, and even when you’re up and running, you want to be sure you keep getting the most out of your software.

Get your new software up and running quickly

Code-free customization for your business needs

Work more collaboratively to get more done

Empower your team to get more done and crush their goals

delivers a next-gen work experience

Our cloud-based platform helps teams unlock productivity effortlessly.

Leading with Experience, Succeeding Through Access

Moving Targets

Perkasie, PA


Marketing and Advertising 

Favorite Feature

Custom Fields 


⚡ Simplified account management

91% adoption rate 💥

⬆ Increased visibility across teams

 Streamlined operational processes 

With our previous CRM, if I wanted to add a dropdown menu or unique field,

I needed to hire a 3rd party engineer. It was so expensive and time-consuming that it made it all but impossible. With FreeAgent, I am empowered to make changes myself.”

Kelsey Kolodinsky

Operations Manager | Moving Targets

Work more collaboratively and improve performance

Want to learn more? We can help find the service that’s right for you.

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