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Powerful, easy to use CRM your whole team will love

Lift your business up out of spreadsheets and email.

Streamline your processes

Track everything

Automate work


Better follow-up

Send personalized follow-up first, every time.

Automate lead assignments and sequences.


Run your best sales play every time

Reps always know their next steps.

Share email templates and call scripts.


Crush your goals

Get more done in less time.

Easily track and report your wins.

Speed up sales cycles

Beat the competition every time.

Rep productivity skyrockets with auto-responders, automatically personalized templates and automated task assignments.

Empower your team

Eliminate admin work, manual updates, and all of the blah — so your team can focus on what matters.

Emails, calls, attachments, notes, quotes and more — automatically and neatly organized in customer records.

Improve sales outcomes

Track and celebrate all sales activities (calls, emails, meetings) that lead to wins.

Foster a high-five culture and share gamified goal-tracking across your sales team.

Team and individual scoreboards ands targets help teams stay on track and forecast performance.

Automate your sales playbook

Auto-assign tasks based on triggers, like incoming leads, email opens or account status changes.

Route leads and inquiries to the right agent automatically based on rules.

Attach email templates and phone scripts to tasks automatically. Enable faster follow-up and get automatic reporting on what's working best.

Automate repetitive tasks like follow-up emails/texts after a call so reps can move onto the next call quicker, while impressing prospects with professional follow-ups every time.

Quantity meets quality when you sell with FreeAgent CRM


10X sales activities.
Convert more opportunities.

Automate follow-ups and sales playbooks.

Auto-assign tasks based on triggers.

Celebrate and motivate with sales activity leaderboards.


Enforce best practises.
Easily coach emails and calls.

Automatically track emails, calls and meetings, complete with recording, transcriptions and talk % ratios.

Get alerts for missed follow-ups.

Arm your team with templates and call scripts.


Easiest to use

A visual, intuitive platform with sky-high team adoption and user-ratings. We want you to enjoy your workdays.


Easiest to setup

While traditional CRM implementations take months, FreeAgent begins working for you immediately.


Easiest to customize

You're never boxed in. Easily tailor FreeAgent CRM for your unique business. Create custom apps, rename everything, and eliminate "CRM clutter" to only see what's important to your team.

Hear from our customers

Having FreeAgent means we're able to have more revenue with less employees. Way more efficiency in the sales process. Our salespeople can communicate with more customers per day than was possible before, manage more accounts, with even better quality interactions and higher revenue outcomes.”

Ivan Plavec

Chief Business Officer, ImaginAb Biotech

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revenue / employee

FreeAgent sped up all of our cycle times dramatically which really impacted our company growth. Our team likes to use it because it makes their workday easier, they feel connected to their team, and it’s nice to look at. ”

Cody Jorgenson

Director of Marketing, Stratus Medical

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faster cycle times

FreeAgent organizes all of our tasks and sets up the workday for myself and everyone on the team. We just log in and GO. FreeAgent ensures we deliver on our commitment to our customers. The dashboards allow me to track thousands of data points and compile them in an easy-to-digest format, easy to share with my team and stakeholders.”

Al Broida

Vice President, Telecom Management Resources

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Our team activity levels in the first month with FreeAgent were 30% higher than before, and that translates to revenue. It’s been an immediate and resounding success. FreeAgent makes my sales team look better. It gave us differentation and made us more competitive in our market.”

Anthony Hegarty

VP of Sales, Paramount Staffing

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sales productivity