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Less than

0 %

of salespeoples’ time is spent actually selling

Less than

0 %

of forecasts are close to accurate

Less than

0 %

of salespeople regularly achieve their quota

Stay in the zone with AI-guided selling

Superpower salesleaders with time machine snapshots

Measure and improve performance and share gamified goal-tracking across your team


Unlock Productivity

Stay in the zone, with AI-guided selling. See only what you need when you need it, with a flow-based feed of personalized and prioritized tasks and key insights. Effortlessly breeze through sales-driving activities without leaving the page.

Efficiency, meet happy.  FreeAgent automatically logs and organizes all your emails, meetings, and calls so you spend way more time selling and way less time on admin.

A workday full of impact.  AI-assisted prioritization of next steps keeps you working on what matters most. Effortlessly flow through sales-driving activities that build customer relationships and drive revenue.

No more clicking around.  Work from a single intuitive list of sales-driving activities in both web and mobile apps—so you can stay in flow on the go.


Switching between tasks costs

23 minutes

each time.

UC Irvine

Switching between apps can result in a


loss of productivity.

Harvard Business Review

“We continue to see FreeAgent enable our sales growth and change the way we interact with our prospects- it really is THE next generation of CRM.”


Andrei Pop

CEO, Human API



Increase Productivity

Zoom in and out between high-level overviews and deep-dive activity tracking that all happens automagically. Gain instant context into all of your customer relationships, and view activity linked to any pipeline change and it’s impact.

Add the time dimension. Discover the only CRM that enables sales leaders to track every change in week-by-week snapshots of pipeline and linked activity.

Zoom in. Combine high-level insights with deep-dive tracking; with pivot-able, sum-able boards across all of your CRM data – leads, accounts, deals, and more.

The full story. Gain instant context on leads, accounts, and deals, with every interaction between your team and the customer all in one visual, searchable activity timeline.

Employees spend


of their time looking for internal information.

McKinsey Insights

Work is better together

Bring your teams and tools together with the only true all-in-one platform for the sales-led organization


Unleash Sales

Measure and improve performance. Track and celebrate activities that lead to sales and happy customers. Supercharge your sales cycle with customizable stage gate processes and eliminate all the manual work with automation. Foster a high-five culture and share gamified goal-tracking across your team.

Ready, set, action. Establish gates and controls and enforce best practice in every deal. Continually optimize your processes and workflows for the ultimate winning play.

Foster a high-five culture. Hustle Board tracks individual and team activity and celebrates the incremental small steps that lead to BIG sales.

Dashboards and reports, made easy. Report on any dimension of CRM success, self-service, without the need for expensive sales consultants.


Companies with more engaged workers see:

2.5x greater revenue growth

18% higher productivity

35% more efficiency

12% higher customer satisfaction

MacLeod Report

"FreeAgent CRM is worth it. The product and the people behind it are great. Simplicity is the word I would use to describe it. It will get you started quickly and your team and performance will definitely improve."

Jim Hathaway
JTEK Data Solutions

"FreeAgent CRM's management and team are outstanding in terms of customization, service, interface, simplicity and elegance. The entire user experience if rated on a scale of 1 to 10 is 10+."

Marc Kirst
CEO, The Amazing Group

"All it took was 20 minutes for me to fall in love. It’s productive, collaborative, and very easy on the eyes."

Ajay Chawla
CEO, GroupClique

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