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Best CRM for

B2B Customer
Service & Support

Effectively enable your team to delight customers, resolve issues faster, and reduce the need for future inquiries.

Don't just meet expectations — exceed them

Focus meets resolution

While speed is important, our platform prioritizes lasting solutions, aiming to lessen the need for your customers to contact support.

Efficiency meets effectiveness

By reducing the inflow of support tickets, your team can concentrate on enhancing product quality and the customer experience.

Complexity meet simplicity

FreeAgent is ideal for businesses dealing with intricate products or services. We simplify the support process without oversimplifying the solutions.


Empower your team and delight your customers

Maximize your team's efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction while reducing the need for future inquiries.


Support your customer and team like process-driven pros

Deliver the same quality support expereince to your customers every time, and master workday chaos.