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Are you a FreeAgent?

We are always looking for innovators, smart people who thrive on making a difference. 

Who we are

Leadership focused on improving lives through technology

Founded by an executive team of enterprise success cases turned free agents on a mission: to build a platform with their accumulative expert knowledge ingrained within—to guarantee success for the next generation of growing companies, and make daily work life better.

This led to a complete innovation in and beyond CRM: an all-in-one platform that fosters transparency, aligns teams, and builds customer relationships. 

FreeAgent is not just another CRM—it’s a better way to do business.


Passionate team leading the way to a better workday

Our team is comprised of a talented group of individuals from all over the world with a common passion: helping businesses achieve their goals. We are mission-makers, dream-believers, and team players.

We are tech innovators, problem solvers, sales experts, customer advocates, change-makers, out-of-the-box thinkers, and helpers.
We are Free Agents.