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Better together. Share the next generation of CRM with your network, and earn. Explore three levels of partnership below.

Become a FreeAgent Partner

Affiliate Partners

Spread the word about the #1 user-rated CRM, and earn:

Referral Partners

Know a business that would benefit from FreeAgent?

Solutions Partners

customer advocacy success alignment FreeAgent CRM

Accelerate your business growth by partnering with FreeAgent.

The Solutions Partner Program is for customer-centric agencies, consultants and service providers who are looking to deliver a next-generation experience to your customers and accelerate business growth.

Contact Us to learn more.

Referral Program

Know a business that would benefit from FreeAgent?

Referrals that match our successful customers profile become FreeAgent customers over 40% of the time - wow!

Partners who refer 3 customers per quarter make an average of $75k/yr

Protect your reputation - referred customers enjoy the same sales and support team you know and love

What our partners are saying

We needed a CRM platform that works seamlessly with the Port TMS experience for our customers — FreeAgent is that solution.”

“Working with the FreeAgent team has been outstanding, especially after years of poor experiences with other vendors. I immediately had confidence in the FreeAgent team and solution to deliver.”

Mark Groves

VP of Sales | Port TMS

Affiliate Program

Spread the word about FreeAgent by sharing with your audience, promoting on social, and engaging in community.

Affiliate partners are true FreeAgents - you decide when and how to earn (Minding the Guidelines of course!)

Earn rewards for qualified leads

Earn 20% commission when a lead converts to a sale

More ways to earn! Social engagement, community participation, blogging, + more

The FreeAgent Affiliate Program is currently unavailable.
Check back here in the future to get involved.

The FreeAgent Referral Partner Program is a great way to share FreeAgent and benefit from profit-share rewards.


In order to ensure a positive experience for you and for all of our partners we have established a few guidelines for everyone to follow.


  • Who makes a good fit for the FreeAgent Partner Program?

    Anyone! We offer several different ways to be a part of the FreeAgent Partner Program. so there is sure to be an offering that is right for just about anybody, regardless of industry or commitment level.

  • Where can I find more information on the different programs offered in the FreeAgent Partner Program?

    You can get more information on the FreeAgent Partner Programs by Clicking on the links below.
    Affiliate Program
    Referral Program
    Solutions Program
    Or you can email us at

  • Is there a limit to how much I can earn in the FreeAgent Partner Program?

    You are only limited by the amount of time you want to invest. The more time you spend, the more you can earn.

  • How much do I get paid to participate in the FreeAgent Partner Program?

    The amount you get paid varies by the type of program you are participating in. Your existing relationship with FreeAgent can also factor into the pay structure of the FreeAgent Partner Program.

Join our Partner Programs Now

When you join the FreeAgent Partner Program, you can earn rewards in a variety of ways.

Affiliate Program

Help FreeAgent reach a broader audience by promoting us within your network.

Referral Program

Refer a company that could benefit from the powerful enterprise tools that FreeAgent has to offer.

Solutions Program

This hands-on approach allows you to help companies directly, by implementing FreeAgent yourself.

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