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A Record is anything you store in your CRM. The most obvious Records are Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, Tickets, Projects, Products, Notes, Attachments, Call Records... etc. Because FreeAgent is so customizable your Records could be Physicians, Facilities, Labs, Agencies, Donors, Pets... you name it. Literally. 🙂
Unlimited Users
FreeAgent is the only CRM offering unlimited users, forever. So you can bring your whole team together. Even Gary, who just logs in to view the weekly report. And Jenna, who justs wants to see what ever happened to those leads she handed off to sales. And your super users? They're free, too.
Unlimited Apps
FreeAgent CRM comes with common Apps out of the box: Contacts, Accounts, and Opportunities. You can change/rename these apps to suit your unique business, and you can create unlimited new Apps, including Custom Apps.

Pricing for Customer Service

Pricing for Project Management

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ISO 27001



Everything you need to grow your business.


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billed annually

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billed monthly

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Perfect for teams who want more control and customization.

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billed annually

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Completely extensible CRM with enterprise-grade features.


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billed monthly

All plans include:

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CRM Apps

All-in-One: Contacts, Accounts, Deals, Tickets, Projects, and Quotes

All Activities: Tasks, Emails, Phone Calls, Texts, Notes, and Attachments

Custom Apps

Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Email Features

Automatic 2-Way Sync with Gmail, Outlook, Exchange (Real-time)

Auto-log emails to Contacts, Accounts, and Deals

Email Templates with smart-field personalization

Share Email Templates with your team

Drag-n-Drop Email Visual Designer

Bulk Email Blasts with smart-field personalization

Automated Email Sequences with smart-field personalization

Email Open-Click Notifications (Real-Time)

Email Template effectiveness reporting

Call Features

Fully-integrated Outbound Calling

Auto-log calls to Contacts, Accounts, and Deals

Call duration & outcome reporting

Call recording

Searchable call transcriptions

SMS (Text) Features

Send and receive SMS (including images)

Auto-log texts to Contacts, Accounts, and Deals

Bulk SMS Blasts with smart-field personalization

Automated SMS Sequences with smart-field personalization

Tasks & Productivity

Personal page with your tasks, notifications and calender

Automatic Task context for Contacts, Accounts, Deals & Projects

Automatic Task assignment based on triggers

Flip your real-time Notifications into Tasks with 1-click

1-Click to Call, Email, or Text

Quick-create tasks from any page

Live feed all activities across your team (real-time)

Reminders and escalation rules for overdue Tasks

Snooze reminders


Remove FreeAgent branding from Emails, Meeting Invitations

Brand FreeAgent with your Logo and Theme

Management Reporting

Custom Dashboards and reports

Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Out-of-the-box reports included for sales, marketing, ticketing, +

Customer acquisition and retention reporting

Sales team performance reporting

Compare performance by rep / month / lead source, +

Sales team productivity reporting

Compare # activities by rep / day / type (calls/emails/meetings), +

Pipeline, revenue & cycle time reporting

Schedule recurring report snapshots and distribute via email


Team Calendar

Automatic 2-way sync to Google Calendar or Office Calendar

Automately log meetings to Contacts, Accounts, and Deals

Convenient scheduling of team members

Track and report on Meeting outcomes

Schedule Meeting email link

Automating Work

Automate lead capture, lead assignment, and lead followup

Automate email, call, and text campaigns to prospects and customers

Automatically assign tasks per stage

Automatically assign tasks from triggers

Automate account followup

Visual no-code Automation Builder

Advanced Workflow Builder


Connect to 1000's of other systems via Zapier

Gmail, Outlook, Exchange Email Integrations

Google and Microsoft Calendar Integrations

Mailchimp Integration

Twilio Integration for Voice, SMS/Text

Sendgrid Integration for Bulk Email

DocuSign Integration

Quickbooks Online Integration

IMAP Email Integration


Direct API access


Undelete Records

Audit Log of Every Change

Set Individual Access