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Best CRM for Medtech

Accelerate operational efficiency, nurture client relationships, and discover opportunities

Connect your systems and teams in one holistic workplace with HIPAA-compliant CRM software.

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#1 User-Rated

Tap into the power of the #1 user-rated CRM platform in the life sciences and healthcare industry.

Hassle-free HIPAA

Maximize efficiency with a native HIPAA-compliant CRM industry, without the need for third-party vendors (BAA Included).

Clear Visibility

Bring your data, channels, and tools together with seamless integrations to FreeAgent’s software solution.

FreeAgent powers MedTech

Hassle-free HIPAA compliance for organizations in fields of medical devices, research, testing & regulation, pharmaceutics, biotech, health information technology, medical robotics, medical software, + more

Improve sales outcomes

Empower your team with modern, best-in-class software for workdays full of impact.

Build relationships and grow your accounts

Guide your growth strategy with actionable insights gained from account data and process analysis.

Nurture your business-customer relations

Nurture client relationships and find new opportunities with automations, tracking, and analysis.


The #1 hassle-free HIPAA compliant CRM for Healthcare

Maximize efficiency with a native HIPAA-compliant CRM system, without the need for third-party vendors.

Who can benefit from using FreeAgent?

Medical Devices

Health Information Technology


Medical Robotics

Medical Software

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