Not all clouds are created equal

FreeAgent is the next generation of CRM. Unlike other CRM providers that use outdated decades old methods for server infrastructure, FreeAgent builds infrastructure using modern AWS technologies, the most sophisticated and widely used cloud service on the planet.

Security matters. We’ve invested in a better way to protect and safeguard your data. 


FreeAgent is built with superior architecture in mind. The guiding values of the FreeAgent platform are to be open, reliable, secure, performant and adaptable/upgradeable leading to a better more seamless experience no other CRM can provide.


The FreeAgent platform functions with flexible Data-Residency, and backwards compatible Open APIs through AWS.


Serverless cloud Architecture meaning no scheduled maintenance and seamless upgrades for 100% uptime.


Complete Data Isolation for secure storage of company data on the FreeAgent platform.


Separate batch processing for large volume data with low latency data access via AWS Global Edge Network.

Adaptable / Upgradeable

Utilizes a single customization platform for any device, and plug-in based change capture to Keep data synced.


Advanced Secure Cloud Architecture
Minimized latency with AWS Global Edge 
Flexible data residency for different compliance needs

Full AWS Implementation

FreeAgent it completely deployed on AWS, the most advanced secure global cloud infrastructure on the planet. Full AWS deployment guarantees secure performant access to FreeAgent.

Robust Network

FreeAgent utilizes AWS Global Edge technology to minimize network latency for static assets and API request across the globe. Meaning a performant experience wherever you are based.

Data Residency

The FreeAgent infrastructure can be deployed in any region AWS supports, meaning compliance with region or country specific standards. Complete control of data compliance and geographically bound storage for easy enforcement.

Open APIs

FreeAgent uses the Graphql API endpoint. Any operation or data available through the FreeAgent Web interface is accessible via secure backwards compatible APIs.

Modern GraphQL API

FreeAgent embraces modern GraphQL APIs for exposing customizable graph data accross multiple Apps within the FreeAgent Platform.

Unique API Approach

FreeAgent uses the same APIs internally as it does externally, ensuring APIs are up to date and ensures customer can leverage new API functionality directly in the UI.

Generic APIs

APIs are designed to be highly generic. Each API is able to handle operations across any application data within the platform.

Backwards Compatible

Seamless integration with any API version. FreeAgent APIs are backwards compatible and only need to be integrated once, meaning no compatible version issues down the line.

3rd-Party Authentication

All authentication via the FreeAgent platform is handled by the standard and secure OAuth2 protocol for all 3rd-party integrations, as well as general API access.


Automated horizontal scaling for performance
Infinite scalability and availability from Regional PODs
Isolated load balancing for minimal traffic impact

Performant Scaling

Utilizing dynamic containers and serverless infrastructure, FreeAgent can automatically handle scaling computing needs for consistent response times, regardless of traffic or usage patterns.

Regional POD Access

FreeAgent deployments are spread across regions as PODs ensuring infinite scalability and availability of service.

Batch Processing

FreeAgent uses a separate batch processing infrastructure that handles long-running batch processes for massive data loads and transformations, for unparalleled performance.

Isolated Access Layer

Each access layer is designed to be completely isolated for traffic load balancing, computing, and access to database resources for minimal impact on performance.

Low Code Administration

FreeAgent is designed to be completely customizable for non-technical and advanced users alike. Configure changes to the platform and have them administered for the FreeAgent mobile and web client.

Intuitive Configuration

The FreeAgent platform provides one of the most advanced and configurable admin controls. An intuitive non-technical approach allows for anyone to administer the platform regardless of their technical knowledge.

Custom Code

For advanced use cases, FreeAgent allows for custom code and advanced logic to be used via the standard JavaScript language, the most popular programming language in the world. 

Single Platform 

FreeAgent is the only CRM platform in the industry that does not require separate configuration, or administration across both web and mobile implementations, allowing for simplified administration and usage.

Seamless Platform Upgrades

Designed to minimize downtime due to upgrades
Upgrades are backwards compatible
Customers are notified of all changes and upgrades by email

Seamless Enhancements

Upgrades to the FreeAgent platform are seamless, ensuring our customers are continually getting product enhancements and fixes needing no special testing from our customers prior to the updates.

Upgrade Compatability

Upgrades are backwards compatible ensuring minimal disruption to customers while using the platform. In the unlikely event of a major change to existing functionality, customers are notified in advance to ensure minimal disruption of service.

Upgrade Notification

All changes to the FreeAgent platform are communicated to our customers via explicit email communication ahead of the upgrade release, as well as in product change history for full transparency.

Change Management & Dev Environments

App Setup Changes

All app and administration setup changes that have been pre-initialized, or customized by our customers are managed via FreeAgent Plugins allowing for unbridled customizability.

FreeAgent Plug-ins

FreeAgent plugins are a collection of granular admin changes auto-captured into an archive. They enable sharing of Apps and promoting concrete changes to instances of the FreeAgent platform.

Pre-Production Instances

FreeAgent provides dev instances to customers to manage their current production setup so that changes can be captured, tested, and signed off before applying to their production instance via plugin installation.

AWS Technologies

AWS Batch Processing

The FreeAgent platform uses AWS Batch processing to automatically and dynamically allocate resources to all data processing jobs based upon which resources are needed most. Performance is never compromised no matter the scale or needs of the data processing.

AWS Lambda

FreeAgent utilizes AWS Lambda as a serverless compute service to reduce the need for server management, and for automatic scaling logic for consistent performance at any scale. No matter the scale, performance needs and response times are never compromised.

AWS Aurora

The FreeAgent platform architecture makes use of AWS Aurora, a relational database engine compatible with PostgreSQL. This database engine makes use of fast distribution storage which grows automatically as more storage is needed. No matter the database needs FreeAgent can grow to accommodate any business’s data.