We’re adding hundreds of clients very quickly, so the size of our data has really started to increase…

FreeAgent helps us move in the right direction instead of spending our time on things that aren’t really going to add value at the end of the day.”

FastTrack FreeAgent CRM Case Study Healthcare


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Experts in the Field of Disability Insurance

FastTrack was founded over 10 years ago, by a team of industry experts, with a mission to simplify the day-to-day administration of the disability insurance claims process. Their breadth of industry experience, coupled with their technological savvy and deep-held passion for those in need, make them uniquely suited to carry the disability insurance industry into the future.

Utilizing top-of-field technology, FastTrack optimizes and streamlines the administrative processes of disability insurance providers at every stage, from the initial gathering of claims information, all the way through to the payout. They make it faster, easier, and less costly for their clients to manage all the administrative work that goes into claims processing. FastTrack removes the noise, so their clients can focus on what matters most- the needs of their beneficiaries.

Our mission is to make things easier so that our clients are empowered to make better decisions – decisions that are based on facts- objective information garnered through the technology.

With FreeAgent, we have taken the noise off of their desk so that they have more time to interact with their end-users, the beneficiaries.”

FreeAgent CRM FastTrack Case Study


The knowledge and experience that FastTrack brought to the disability insurance space positioned them to make an immediate impact. As such, they grew quickly, and as their client list expanded, they knew they would need a way to manage those relationships. The spreadsheets and community knowledge base that had served them well initially was not going to be sufficient to keep pace with their rapid growth, and so they set out to find a system that could not only help them keep up with the demand, but could help them stay ahead of it.

Finding the right tools to manage their growing data pool was not a straightforward task. The medical insurance industry is a complex web of services and providers that all work together to cater to the needs of the countries most vulnerable. The relationship model that supports this network is intricate and nuanced, requiring detailed tracking of contacts and accounts in order to ensure that all opportunities are being realized. Every account that FastTrack manages can have a dozen contacts or more associated with it, and each of those contacts can utilize a different subset of FastTrack’s suite of services. To manage all that data, FastTrack requires a system that is flexible, dynamic, and scalable.

We’re starting to gear up on our marketing plan and FreeAgent will be our source of truth for all of the information we will be utilizing for those efforts.

We have a presence but we certainly want to cast the net further. That’s part of the reason why we got so focused on using a CRM to capture our contact information. We can leverage that information to reach out for marketing and increase our visibility.

In a short period of time, we have added a lot of clients. We needed to keep track of all the contractual information and day-to-day activity, as well as manage and nurture those relationships.

We went from 25 clients to about 150. If we break it down further by product opportunity, it’s north of 300 that we have out there. Each of those clients has at least 2 associated contacts, and most have much more than that, so you can see that the size of our data has really started to increase.”

FreeAgent CRM FastTrack Case Study
FreeAgent CRM FastTrack Case Study

I had a meeting with my team this morning and I was able to pull a report out of FreeAgent beforehand. This allowed us to have a discussion with all of the information right in front of us.

Before FreeAgent we had a list of insurance carriers but we didn’t know how many of those we had made contact with and how many we hadn’t.

We have added new fields into the system which allow me to create reports easily, and get those reports to decision makers quickly, so they can direct us on which way we should go next.

For me, I like the chat. If you have a question, somebody comes on right away, and if they can’t answer it, they set up a meeting. We didn’t have that with Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics, so that’s been very helpful.

Now it’s easier for us to prioritize our opportunities. Instead of just kind of spitballing, we now have data and facts to back it up.”

The Solution

In FreeAgent, FastTrack found a suite of tools that could be tailored to meet their unique requirements. The two teams began working together to create a roadmap of the systems and processes that FastTrack would need to take their business to the next level. First, FastTrack’s data was collected and centralized so they could see their information in a way that wasn’t possible before. Next, a set of custom fields were created specifically for FastTrack to optimize their reporting capability. These efforts combined to allow easier access to metrics-driven insights that could be utilized in the development of marketing and sales strategies. 


The FreeAgent CRM has become the source of truth for all of FastTrack’s account information. Every contact, every interaction, every service provided was now centralized, making data easy to find, objective, and quantifiable. 


Now, FastTrack is exploring new ways to utilize the FreeAgent platform so that even more of their teams can take advantage of the many tools available to them. FastTrack has big plans for the future and as they move forward in their quest to simplify the disability insurance space, FreeAgent will be there to meet their growing needs.    

FreeAgent CRM FastTrack Case Study
FreeAgent CRM FastTrack Case Study

The Impact

With FreeAgent at their side, FastTrack has gained greater visibility into the whitespace that existed within their client base. This information will be vital in the development of the marketing strategies that will fuel their growth in the long term. It can also be leveraged to pursue opportunities that may have been missed prior. Additionally, FastTrack now has instant access to all of their client communications. With this knowledge in hand, FastTrack can be sure that every client is receiving the care and attention they need to succeed. 

In the coming months, FastTrack will implement and codify a more formal sales process. The fact-based insights that the FreeAgent platform will provide will help FastTrack see all the great things they do that have led them to be so successful thus far. They will also have greater visibility into the areas that may be holding them back. This knowledge will allow for the refinement of their systems and processes based on real-time metrics and data. This is going to be a game-changer for the disability insurance industry. With the help of FreeAgent, FastTrack will not only be able to reach more insurance carriers, but they will be able to support those carriers even more. This will translate directly to a higher quality of service for the people who need it most. 

An estimated 61 million Americans live with disabilities. FastTrack is doing their part to ensure that the world they live in is a little bit easier, through greater access to care. There is no monetary value that can be applied to this kind of work. It is essential for our society to thrive. FreeAgent stands proudly alongside the team at FastTrack in this mission. Better tools lead to better outcomes and together, we believe we can make an impact.

It gets us organized so that we are working off of facts. All of the information is easy to access, so that helps us move in the right direction instead of spending our time on things that aren’t really going to add value at the end of the day.

Being able to focus more on the client and the business at hand, instead of trying to juggle all of this information, that’s such a huge impact.

It’s very straight forward, but it’s flexible also. It’s easy to make modifications to meet our business needs and we have the access to do that. We don’t have to wait for a release cycle or wait for a long period off time to get something implemented, so that’s great.

The service aspect, just how they jump on the phone so quickly- it’s like a working session and that mirrors how we want to act with our customers- so that’s a nice alignment.”

Teresa FastTrack FreeAgent CRM Case Study Healthcare

Teresa Thorson

Lead Generation Specialist, FastTrack 

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