Platform for high-performing sales teams

Convert more leads, hit your number, and increase predictability
1 %
sales reps don't follow process
68% of Sales Reps don’t follow any process

Objective Management Group

1 %
missed sales quotas
Sales reps in 2018 missed their quotas 57% of the time


1 %
revenue boost
Businesses see a 28% boost in revenue upon adoption of standardized sales process 

Harvard Business Review

Feel free to grow

Sales leaders grow businesses and build their careers on FreeAgent
Convert more leads

Speed-up sales cycles

Win more deals

Hit your number

Increase predictability

With FreeAgent, Sales Leaders are empowered to...

Eliminate silos and missing data

Always know what's going on and coach deals to success while there’s still time, instead of just "for next time".

Set structured sales plans into action

Enforce best practise in every deal and customize your sales stage gate process for the winning play.

Accurately predict with confidence

Accurately forecast the next deal or the next decade - without spending your whole day in Excel.


Be in the nowbusiness happens in real-time

Accelerate sales and win 4x more

Empower your team to win with a proven system for following up with leads, including timing (alerts), cadence (next step reminders) and contact methodology (email templates).

2x Opportunities
Convert more leads with personalized follow-up emails that send automatically and instantly.

4x Wins
Lead a winning team with a structured sales process and automatic action plans.

Be steps ahead
Get up-to-the minute visibility into every stage of the deal without taking reps time away from selling for updates.

Perfectly-timed phone calls
Email Analytics monitors open-and-clicks in real-time so your team can reach out when leads are thinking of them.

Teams stay on track
Intuitively generated to-do lists, reminders, and push notifications are better than having a sales assistant.


Free your workflow—less is more (sales)