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Make work flow better.

FreeAgent Workflow is the easiest-to-use enterprise-grade workflow engine that helps business automate any process.

Empowering seamless workflows across people, data, and processes has never been easier.

Free up time. Remove tedious tasks from your to-do list. Have a greater impact.

Workflow automation helps teams win by getting more done and reducing bottlenecks.

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Connect the digital enterprise

Whether you aim to convert more opportunities, deliver more engaging experiences, or accelerate operational efficiencies, FreeAgent’s market-leading workflow engine helps you automate any process and tackle any challenge.

Automate any process

Task Automation

Automate your real-world workflows, whether simple or complex. Empower your team and free up time with productivity-boosting notifications, assignments, escalations, and reminders. A truly dynamic real-time tasklist.

Multi-Path Workflows, Approvals, and Escalation Controls

Set triggers, rules and, conditions to support multi-path workflows, sub-processes, and decision gateways. Set and distribute assignments, milestone notifications, reminders, and reports.

Pre-Built Workflow Templates

Dozens of pre-built best-practice workflow templates can be instantly activated or used as an adaptable baseline to fit specific needs—from sales and marketing to support, ops control, and more. Optimize any process, from drip campaigns and quote approvals to customer ticket management and IT service desk.


Connect your teams and tools in one place

Integration-Ready with Built-in IPaas Support

FreeAgent is the only CRM that offers a secure Integration Platform as a Service with powerful end-to-end automation to integrate seamlessly with internal and external systems for full process automation.

Webhook and API Events for Integration-Driven Workflows

Empower business agility by seamlessly integrating the flow of data between systems and automating repeatable tasks to streamline work. Automate data exchange to and from 3rd-party solutions.

Real-time Workflow Monitoring

You’re in control with real-time visual workflow activity monitoring. Automatically notify some or all stakeholders as work progresses through key milestones. Manually override workflow events and get reliable performance every time.

Streamline to scale

Multi-Version Support

Rest easy making global changes with dynamic versioning. Workflow changes are auto-incremented. See a real-time historical view of version execution history.

No, Low, and Full Code Options

Standards-based IT Collaboration - enjoy the power of BPMN and DMN modeling standards as a common language for unified collaboration across teams and talent.

Drag and Drop Workflow Designer

Customize a little, or a lot, with an intuitive drag and drop interface and low-code/no-code BPMN modeling.

Additional Features

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2x Faster Cycle time💨

⚡ 16-20 employee hours saved/week

70% increase in pipeline

The centralization of our data has improved our collaboration considerably. The visibility has saved us 16-20 hours a week/employee and helped us reduce our cycle time by more than 50% (2x faster).

FreeAgent gives me the agency to be experimental. With other CRMs, it feels like you are working to benefit the CRM. With FreeAgent, it feels like the CRM is working to benefit you.”

Matt Espinoza

Co-Founder & Director of Partnerships

Drive efficiency and multiply revenue-impacting activities.


of leads require 5+ follow-ups to convert


of sales reps give up on a lead before 5 follow-ups


of customers end up buying from the company that responds first


higher conversion rate when leads are contacted within one minute

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