Why FreeAgent

Lead the way to a better workday.

Help your business soar beyond today’s ordinary CRM choices.

It all starts with


FreeAgent CRM delivers a next-gen work experience. Our cloud-based platform help teams unlock productivity and grow sales effortlessly.

First in usability

FreeAgent is ranked higher than all the CRM’s in usability and user recommendations.

Record-Setting Innovation

FreeAgent out-innovates every other CRM solution by a long shot and has a competitive roadmap that will leave the competition behind.

Empowering Self-Service

You have 100% visibility into your business, without the need of a sales consultant or administrator.

Effective Reporting

With FreeAgent CRM, it’s not just a report: it’s a plan of action to improve sales outcomes for your business.

Dynamic Automation

You’ll follow-up faster, more professionally, and secure more sales than ever before with FreeAgent’s automated sales process.

Open Platform

We set the standard for working well with others and integrating into the diverse landscape of solutions you use to run your business.

More than sales

FreeAgent can grow with your business to deepen your understanding of post-sale customer work.