Super-power your follow-up with Bulk Actions from Email Analytics

Super-power your follow-up with Bulk Actions from Email Analytics 

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Customize your Related Lists and a special sneak-peek at Snapshots!


In this update:
Related List Configuration
Bulk Actions from Email Analytics
Sneak-peek at Snapshots – Beta Announcement 

Customer relationships are your top priority. But in your CRM, data relationships matter, too! Your business is unique, so some related list items are more important to you than others – naturally, you want to see those first. Also, some items don’t need to appear in your Related Lists at all. One of the things that makes FreeAgent CRM so visually pleasing to use is the ability to NOT see a bunch of stuff that doesn’t matter to you.



1. Related List Configuration

Creating data relationships in FreeAgent CRM is super easy. When a relationship is created, FreeAgent includes a Preview Card in a Related List that provides quick context into the related record.

Things to Know

  • Customize the Order of Related List items
  • Activate/Deactivate Related Lists
  • Rename Related Lists

Admin users can customize their Related List configurations in Settings.

2. Bulk Actions from Email Analytics

We’re super excited about this game-changer that will 10x your follow-up!

Email analytics has always empowered you to send the exact right message at the exact right time. By seeing that your lead has opened up or clicked a link in an email you sent, you can customize your next interaction and perfect their customer journey.

If you already use this powerful feature, get ready to feel super-powered with bulk actions from email analytics! Respond to many open/clicks all at once, but with the same professional personalization that makes your customers feel catered to – not marketed to.

Have a perfect “next-step” content to share with your leads who opened up the last newsletter? Want to send a quick “last day to save” reminder to the customers that clicked on your special offer?

You can mix and match your response types, between one-time emails, your custom FreeAgent email templates, and Mailchimp campaigns!

Things to Know

You can take the following bulk actions based on Opens / Clicks:

  • Email All
  • Add to Campaign

3. Sneak-peek at Snapshots – Beta Announcement

Never a dull Taco Tuesday here at FreeAgent! We’re fired up to announce the Beta release of Snapshots.

Snapshots is visually stunning real-time tracking for your pipeline over time. Gain instant insight to pipeline forecasting and day-to-day changes in a revolutionary new way.

  • Track every material change to your Pipeline in Real-time
  • Analyze daily, weekly, or monthly variances to your pipeline
  • Quickly pivot to the time interval you want to focus on
  • Have a Birds-eye View of Your Pipeline Progression
  • Zoom in to see the daily activity of your pipeline
  • Analyze your Pipeline across different angles: Pivot by Sales Stage, Status and Forecast Category
  • Set Targets and Keep Track of Pipeline Coverage
  • Isolate snapshots by a single team member or the entire team
  • Always 1-click Away from the Opportunity Details
  • Drill through to actual opportunity information to view complete change history

If you’d like to be a part of the beta experience for Snapshots, please reach out directly to our Product Team at


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