Suggested Contacts is your intuitive contact-list based on actual relationships

Suggested Contacts is your intuitive contact-list based on actual relationships 

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Suggested Contacts is your intuitive contact-list based on actual relationships

Easily and effortlessly keep your inbox in sync and your contacts up to date


In this update:

Suggested Contacts
Select All Bulk Actions


We’re super fired up to announce our latest feature which not only makes it even easier to get started in FreeAgent, it also helps you easily and effortlessly keep your inbox in sync with your CRM, and ensures important contacts aren’t slipping through the cracks.

“Traditional CRM’s get out of date very quickly. They become dependent on labor-intensive manual intervention, or they require you to leave the CRM entirely – disrupting your workflow to use email or plugins separately. This makes them not much better than Excel as a tool for small business.As a productivity platform that’s way more than just sales pipeline management, FreeAgent acts as an integrated central hub for front office and external facing interactions such as calls, emails, meetings and more.That’s why we’re so excited about our newest feature: Suggested Contacts. It works by intuitively generating a list of contacts based on actual relationships not dependent on existing email contacts (because if you’re anything like 90% of us, you don’t actually create contacts manually anymore in your email either).” – Ryan Manning, Chief Strategy Officer at FreeAgent CRM


What is Suggested Contacts?

Suggested Contacts is a dynamically updated list of people that seem like high potential prospects or important contacts. It works auto-magically with the email you paired with FreeAgent CRM.  It gives you the option to immediately and effortlessly create a contact in FreeAgent by selecting just the one suggested contact, or you can rapidly select and add many at a time.

Don’t worry! Your list is completely personal to your account and is not shared with your team. In fact, Suggested Contacts is a great way to get an overview of contacts in FreeAgent, so you always know what’s being tracked (“In FreeAgent”) what’s not being tracked (“Not In FreeAgent”) and you can easily choose with 1-click which contacts FreeAgent CRM ignores.

Why it’s better than email plugins
1. You never have to leave your CRM
2. Doesn’t matter what your email provider is, even IMAP
3. If you have multiple emails paired, it combines them together in a unified Suggested Contacts list

Pro Tip

Combine Suggested Contacts with Saved Views to keep your inbox and FreeAgent in sync

What’s Ryan’s favorite saved view?

“I like to Filter ‘Not in FreeAgent’ and sort by Last Inbound Email to find the most relevant contacts quickly.

Also, sorting by outbound emails makes it easy to rule out spam.”

Things to Know

  • See and sort by key analytics (Total # of Emails, Last Inbound Email, etc.)
  • Create new contacts with a single click
  • Quickly filter, sort, and search to find the right contacts to bring into FA
  • “Ignore” any contacts you don’t want tracked in FreeAgent
  • Works with and combines multiple paired email addresses

Want to learn more? Check out the tutorial.

How to use Suggested Contacts in FreeAgent CRM


Select All Bulk Actions

It’s been a month since your big networking event and you want to update the lead status of all of the prospects you met there. No problem!

Bulk Edit has always been a powerful feature. Now with Select All, you can filter, select (Select ALL), and edit even easier. Here’s how it works:

  • Clicking the top checkbox in the list view will first select 50 records (or up to the amount listed)
  • An additional option will show to Select All records (FreeAgent will always obey filters with Select All)
  • Bulk Edit all records selected (unlimited) – Boom!

Things to Know

Bulk Actions have the following limits:

  • Edit – Unlimited
  • Delete – Unlimited
  • Email – 50 Records
  • Merge – 10 Records

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