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The Success-as-a-Service subscription gives you premium access to expert guidance and support as you maximize the value of FreeAgent within your organization.

Expert Guidance

Success-as-a-Service is subscription-based access to the best minds and consultative guidance in using FreeAgent and maximizing your organization’s ROI. We will take you through your onboarding, training your administrators to setup your apps, views, dashboards, and more. We will empower your team to take ownership of your FreeAgent account.

Need help importing your data? No Problem! We will review your data with you and walk you through how to load it in.

We will guide you through how to train your end-users.
We even teach you how to further customize and configure FreeAgent so that you can enhance your experience as your business evolves.

Ongoing Support

Long after your initial go-live we remain absolutely committed to your success. Connect with us for up to
5 hours of help per month to make sure the periodic changes and improvements you want to make to your processes and reporting are as smooth and successful as they can be. In short, Success-as-a-Service helps you maximize FreeAgent’s return on investment to your organization over the life of your subscription. You are the hero bringing valuable change to your organization & we are here to help you succeed.

Yes, it’s included!

Success-as-a-Service not only includes training for your initial setup, but also guidance on future configurations, ongoing live chat support, and quarterly consulting services. You will be assigned an account manager who will be your partner throughout the life of your subscription with FreeAgent. Your account manager will assist with enablement and adoption and will provide expert advice on getting the maximum value out of FreeAgent.

Scoping of Work

We help finalize the scope for your project and document the use cases you will manage in FreeAgent.

Configuration & Data Import

We train you on how to set up any custom apps, fields, or security rules. We can also guide you through your data import, integration setup, and testing.

Reporting & Dashboards

We teach you to create the reports and dashboards you will use to manage work in FreeAgent. 

Testing & Acceptance

We help you setup your test & acceptance process to keep your stakeholders satisfied. So you can go live with confidence.


We can help guide your end user and admin training. So adoption happens and you get the ROI you’ve planned.

Need more help? You got it!

Beyond the Success-as-a-Service subscription, FreeAgent is one of the only work management cloud providers to offers statement-of-work (SOW) based consulting engagements. 

These agreements can be tailored to your needs and delivered in timeframes that work best for your organization. For details about SOW-based services contact your account manager.

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