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FreeAgent is a virtual home for your business, with all your customer relationships and work management in one, happy place… even when you’re not all working in the same place.

Great teams deserve great tools

From operations leaders to sales reps, we help you excel at your job and enjoy the workday.

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“Finally… a complete CRM platform with robust work management.”

CRM + Work Management

Customer interactions and internal workflow together at last.

FreeAgent captures all your digital customer interactions across every channel, automagically organizes the data in your CRM, and triggers automations customized for you.

More teamwork, with less you-work.

✓ Real-time integrations to all your favorite tools

✓ Shared customer activity timeline for instant context across the whole funnel

✓ Quicklink to any record, report, or view – and include your customizations!

✓ Work from anywhere mobile app

✓ Real-time Gmail integration

✓ Real-time Office365 integration

✓ Real-time Google Calendar sync

✓ Real-time Office365 Calendar sync

✓ Twilio integration for outbound call capture

✓ Two-way Mailchimp integration

Connect to 1000’s of cloud apps

✓ Open and well-documented APIs

0 %

of the world’s data has been created in the last two years

Work your way

A custom CRM tailor-made for your business is available to any business.

Discover FreeAgent Composer, a code-free configuration engine beyond anything else in CRM.

✓ Complete control over CRM object names

✓ Customize and control stages and statuses

✓ Completely customize layout of forms and lists

✓ Add custom CRM objects and link them together

✓ Personalize color scheme and navigation paths

✓ Brand with your business logo

0 %

of CRM implementations fail and most are attempting to force-fit software to business

Where work just flows

Your personalized task list prioritizes what matters most so your team can effortlessly breeze through activities that build customer relationships and generate revenue.

Stay in the zone

Switch between tasks, not apps! Centralized outreach means you can email, call, set meetings, jot notes, and more – without leaving the page.

✓ Single prioritized action-list across all CRM objects

✓ Configurable rules and AI for prioritizing actions

✓ Real-time alerts on email opens and clicks

✓ Custom real-time notifications via an open API

✓ Automatic alerts on overdue next steps

✓ Meeting reminders

✓ Configurable actions on every notification and alerts

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of customer-facing working time is spent on admin

Uncover true visibility

TimeMachine™ gives sales leaders and ops wizards new superpowers…
With X-ray vision into the day-to-day activities of workers and real-time deal to pipeline updates, you can see the future — and forecast with confidence.

Zoom in and out between high-level overviews and deep-dive activity tracking that all happens automagically. Gain instant context into all of your customer relationships, and view activity linked to any pipeline change and it’s impact.

✓ Audit trail of all material changes

✓ View specific activity linked to any pipeline change and it’s impact

✓ Daily, weekly, and monthly snapshots of changes

✓ Gorgeous visualization by month, quarter, or year

0 %

of salespeople hide negative changes to their pipeline

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