You’re going places. And now your Saved Views are, too!

You’re going places. And now your Saved Views are, too! 

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In 2019, you’re going places. And now your Saved Views are, too!

Saved Views + Mobile App is a match made in heaven to grow your business on the go.


In this update:

Saved Views on Mobile
Automated ID Number
Always on @mentions


Saved Views has always been a feature-favorite, keeping your most important info at your fingertips on the desktop.

And the FreeAgent mobile app has always been first-in-class compared to traditional CRM mobile apps (for example, it automatically brings over your Custom Objects, Renamed Tabs, Configurable Cards and much more).

Better together – we daresay that Saved Views on the Mobile App is a match made in heaven!

What are Saved Views?

Saved Views help you capture, share and re-visit the information that’s important to you even faster. Keep your favorite filters as Saved Views so that you don’t have to re-apply them to your data each time. In addition to filters, Saved Views also includes list configurations, pivots, and much more. And now with dynamic date fields, the Saved View is always showing real-time data!

They can be created for any object within FreeAgent CRM including custom objects.

Discover the power of Saved Views! Check out some top Tutorials.

How can I create Saved Views in FreeAgent CRM?

How can I share Saved views with my Team members?

How can I manage my Saved Views?


Automated ID numbering

Once your data is in FreeAgent, the possibilities are endless. Now we’ve added another way to superpower your data – all objects in FreeAgent CRM will now have an automated ID number. Referencing, reporting and tracking just got even easier and more powerful.

This includes existing objects, custom objects and all new objects going forward.

Always on @Mentions

We got your feedback and we listened. You told us you need to be absolutely sure that your @mentions trigger a notification for your teammate. Your wish is our command!

What are @Mentions?

@Mentions allow you to select a specific team member and leave him or her a note in any of your existing tabs where the activity timeline is available. Users will instantly receive a notification (even on mobile!) when they are @mentioned.

Instant context.
Draw attention to a high-priority conversation with a simple tag. Get notified when something needs your attention. Tag your team for follow-up, questions, or help finding the right info.

Instantly adoptable.
They work with the same intuitive ease as other tagging tools, like Slack and Facebook.

Want to learn more about @Mentions?

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