Platform for winning sales teams

Let us automate the stuff you hate, so you win more deals and crush your quotas
250 %
higher sales conversions
When leads are contacted within first 5 minutes


FreeAgents are free to grow

Sales reps build careers on FreeAgent

Increase lead response automatically

Build a predictable pipeline

Let us automate the stuff you hate

Get better coaching (with less update calls)

Crush your quotas

We continue to see FreeAgent enable our sales growth and change the way we interact with our prospects – it really is THE next generation of CRM.
Andrei Pop
25 %
increase in opportunity conversion
+ Response times increased from 12-48 hours to instant

Sales teams love FreeAgent

Get into a flow

Supercharge your sales cycle with a proven sales process and productivity-boosting automations.

On the go

Never get thrown off your groove with the only CRM mobile app that syncs of all of your customizations and configurations.

A true sales assistant

We log everything so you don't have to. We'll send reminders and push notifications for the important stuff.


Be in the nowbusiness happens in real-time

Sell 4x more

Close faster, more predictable sales with a proven system for following up with leads, including timing (alerts), cadence (next step reminders) and contact methodology (email templates).

2x Opportunities
Increase your percent of leads that turn into opportunities with personalized follow-up emails that send automatically and instantly.

4x Wins
Run the winning play every time with a proven sales process and automatic action plans.

Be ready for anything
Complete account history at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.

Perfectly-timed phone calls
Email Analytics monitors open-and-clicks in real-time so you can reach out when leads are thinking of you.

Stay on track
Intuitively generated to-do lists, reminders, and push notifications are like having a sales assistant.


Free your workflow—less is more (sales)

Unburdened sales teams spend more time selling

Sell more with a proven, pre-set sales process and your team’s winning email templates.

Best-practise makes perfect
Take the guesswork out of selling with a proven pre-set sales process.

Discover CRM zen
We track, organize, and remember everything, so you don’t have to.

Productivity boosters
Automate the stuff you hate and recover 23% of your day spent on manual data entry and emails.


Teams that CRM together, win together

Unlock your sales potential with visibility

Know what’s working – and what’s not – and uncover the power of predictability in sales.

Recognize opportunity potential
Never underestimate and de-prioritize great accounts again.

Always know what’s going on
Central business inbox that organizes customer interactions in a timeline by contact, deal, or opportunity.

Better back-up on deals
Get better coaching from sales leaders while there’s still time, instead of just “for next time”​.

Grow your career
Crush your quotas by knowing your targets, opportunity potential, and likelihood of conversion per stage.

Discover a better way to do business

Chat with a CRM expert about getting up and running in minutes

Work is better together

Bring your teams and tools together with the only true all-in-one platform for the sales-led organization