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Sales +45%

Cycle time ⚡ months to days

3x Positive Customer Interactions

Improving quality of life

Stratus Medical is a Salt Lake City-based company on a mission to improve the quality of life of people suffering with chronic pain through innovation and the advancement of RF technology.

Offering the best customer experience is part of Stratus Medical’s commitment to the highest ethical and quality standards.


As Stratus Medical grew they began to face the challenges that many companies face during rapid growth periods. They had an expanding client base spread across more regions and they needed more staff to help service those customers. 

They quickly realized that they needed a tool to help centralize customer communication data. They needed it to be easy to use for their sales team as well as allow ease of transition between team members and reduce onboarding time for new hires.

I was looking for a CRM that is easy to use, has information readily available across the team, decreases the sales cycle and drives adoption. After interviewing many other CRM software companies, FreeAgent was the only one that checked all theses boxes.”

It’s easy to use, easy to get the information needed to keep up with your physicians, and when a rep leaves, it’s easy to have their information readily available. That’s dollars in revenue and creates better client interactions.”

The Solution

Stratus Medical knew what they needed to do to take their business to the next level, and they set out to find a technological partner with the tools to help.

In FreeAgent, they found a fully customizable system that could be tailored to the specific needs of their business. They were able to reduce selling time, improve their customer experience through more fluid communication and transition new team members faster. 

The Impact

Stratus Medical is now able to reach more customers and communicate with them more efficiently. This has allowed for a faster transition from trials to adoption saving Stratus Medical both time and money.

With increased visibility and tracking on customer communications, Stratus Medical has been able to improve customer interactions leading to an increase in sales of 45% quarter over quarter.

I don’t think we could be doing this well if we didn’t have FreeAgent.”

FreeAgent allows us to make the most effective use of our valuable resource: our people.

My board of directors love this. Really seeing the team members being interactive with their customers allows quick insights. Plus, my team always knows what’s going on, they don’t have to make calls to find out. The measure of that value, I don’t think you can put a dollar amount on it.”

Will Pankey

Director of Sales, US | Stratus Medical

“FreeAgent allows us to take on technology and use it effectively to grow our business. We’re maximizing the offerings we have in front of us because now we can really see where they are in the process; it just allows us to be more effective in our communication.”

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