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Impactful reporting without the complexity.

A faster, easier way to convert your data into insights that help your business make better decisions.

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Modern Data Visualization

Data visualization unlocks potential. See your entire Pipeline at a glance and understand what is working and what isn’t. Track your KPIs with ease to help you create more efficient and repeatable processes. Identify trends more effectively and know what every interaction means for your business. FreeAgent’s beautiful modern reporting engine lets you drill down to the core of your data and gives you complete access to that data to make more informed decisions for your business.

Beautifully Meaningful Reporting

Customizable Views

Filter, group, sort, calculate and visualize data from any app. Use low-code/no-code customization to pull together data from other apps into FreeAgent's Robust Dashboards and Dashlets. There are no limits to what FreeAgent can report.

Performance Tracking

Stay on top of the most impactful areas of your business using customizable KPIs to track and forecast how teams and individuals are performing. Better forecasting can help you reduce cycle times and improve efficiency by identifying pain points and alleviating backlog.

Reporting Built -in

Transform data points into beautiful and easily digestible charts. FreeAgent’s flexible and customizable widgets allow you to visualize your data anyway you want, providing key insights at a glance.


Reporting where you need it

In-App Reporting

Reporting available wherever your data is. Whether it is a data-rich Dashboards or app Dashlets at a glance, FreeAgent let's you visualize your data where you need it most.

Data-Rich Dashboards

Customize an array of widgets and data into an unlimited number of Dashboards to help your team visualize platform-wide information on a single page. Get more insight into opportunities with deeper visualizations all in one place.

Visual Dashlets

Instant access to widgets in any work view allows teams and individuals to track and measure key metrics in real-time without leaving the app. Easily visualize your sales funnel, or get a a view of your approval stages at a glance. Get the insight you need where you need it.

Reporting for All

View and Dashboard Sharing

Configure permissions to share Dashboards and saved views with specific teams or team members. Make sure that your reports are accessible to whoever needs them most, and keep your dashboards and views up to date for everyone across FreeAgent.

Report Delivery & Automation

Export your reports and charts to share across your business or with company stakeholders via beautiful full-color PDFs. Automate distribution of key reports to the right team members at the right time, and make sure valuable insights don't fall through the cracks.


No matter which report is being shared, click-through and drill-down enabling your teams to view the source data at a single glance. Identify KPIs and always have access to the underlying data for a faster more meaningful analysis.

Additional Features

Legacy Community Health

Houston, TX



Favorite Feature



Productivity ⬆ 10k+ activities/month

⚡️ 2x faster employee onboarding 

 10+ employee hours saved/week

3x faster follow-ups

FreeAgent gives me the ability to create a narrative and show what my team is doing.

Giving the team or the stakeholder high-level visibility into what my team is producing is big. Historically we haven’t had that birds-eye view. Now I can see how many events my team held or how many new referrals they brought in this month.”

Orlando Lozano

Director of Business Development  
| Legacy Community Health

Drive efficiency and multiply revenue-impacting activities.


of users make faster time-saving decisions when data is visualized


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