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CRM + Work Management

Remote work’s better

FreeAgent is a virtual home for your business.

We help teams get everything in one place, work more collaboratively to get more done, and track and improve performance.

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Everything in one place

Customer interactions and internal workflow together at last.

FreeAgent captures all your digital customer interactions across every channel, automagically organizes the data in your CRM, and triggers automations customized for you.

More teamwork, with less you-work.

✓ Real-time integrations to all your favorite tools

✓ Shared customer activity timeline for instant context across the whole funnel

✓ Quicklink to any record, report, or view – and include your customizations!

✓ Work from anywhere mobile app

Real remote visibility

Get X-ray vision into day-to-day activities. Recognize your remote work rockstars. Forecast with confidence.

✓ Remote rockstars get recognized – know who’s performing with real-time activity logs, hustle boards, and custom reports

✓ See the same data with Shared Views

✓ Complete control over who sees what with customized access for groups, team members and contractors

✓  See activity connected linked to any pipeline change (no more depending on manual updates)

Keep work flowing

Stay productive

Personalized task lists prioritize what matters most, so your team can effortlessly breeze through activities that build customer relationships and generate revenue.


Stay in the zone

Switch between tasks, not apps! Centralized outreach means you can email, call, set meetings, jot notes, and more – without leaving the page.

Work is better together

Bring your teams and tools together, in one happy place.

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