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FreeAgent CRM Platform Update December 4, 2018

In this update:

Lock Down Choice List
Location Hyperlink
Board Pivot by Reference

In this week’s product update, we’ve added new features and enhancements to help your team work together even better.

FreeAgent has always been a great tool for communicating with external contacts.  We wanted to add that same level of communication to the internal team.
– Brian Hudson, FreeAgent Product Manager

In a growing small business, better customer relationships are almost always a team effort.

1. It starts with tracking all customer interactions across your team.

Activity Timeline is a game-changer, with an instant “birds-eye-view” on a single, searchable timeline.

2. Notifications take things to the next level.

Notifications help you keep a pulse on what’s going on, anywhere, anytime – without interrupting your workflow.

3. Now, @Mentions keeps your team on the same page – literally.

Start a conversation without starting a separate message thread or email. @Mentions works together seamlessly with the Activity Timeline and Notifications, so your team can work together seamlessly too.



@Mentions allow you to select a specific team member and leave him or her a note in any of your existing tabs where the activity timeline is available. Users will instantly receive a notification (even on mobile!) when they are @mentioned.

Instant context.
Draw attention to a high-priority conversation with a simple tag. Get notified when something needs your attention. Tag your team for follow-up, questions, or help finding the right info.

Instantly adoptable.
They work with the same intuitive ease as other tagging tools, like Slack and Facebook.



Things to Know

You can easily change your preferences to turn @Mentions Notifications on/off. You’ll find the option in Settings > Notifications.

Check out our Support Centre Tutorial to start using @Mentions instantly
How to Use @Mentions


More enhancements

Lock Down Choice List

You asked for it! Decide if a choice list can have ad-hoc creation of choices, or decide to lock it down (for more specific exporting, reporting, and more). More customization for your custom fields.


Fields that are of type “Location” will now show in the list and automatically work as a hyperlink. Click on the link to open a new tab in Google Maps.

Board Pivot by Reference

Now when you pivot a board by a reference field, the columns will be ordered by the column with the most number of records first. Another enhancement designed to make sure you always see your most important information at-a-glance.


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