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Task Management

Create, assign, complete and track tasks all in one app. Keep your tasks visible and scalable to your needs.

Effortless Tasks Creation

Create tasks easily and quickly. Assign tasks to the right person allowing you to manage your workload easily and more efficiently. Make sure that everyone meets that deadline.

Easy task creation using quick-add, automations, or app actions

Assign tasks to team members and set due dates keeping everyone aligned

View a centralize task list for complete visibility of where your team is currently in their workflow

Automate Task Management

Focus on the important tasks. Automate repetitive tasks saving time and reducing missed opportunities. Make task management work for you.

Update and create tasks as they are triggered based on team activity and scheduling

Cut down on repetitive data entry saving hours per week

Automate Notifications to make sure everyone is on track

Customize your Tasks

Task management unchained. Don’t be trapped by task types that don’t suit your needs. Create new tasks and remove default ones. Truly own task management.

Create custom tasks to better reflect your unique workflows

Add and remove fields and types to make task tracking and reporting more meaningful

Define conditions for tasks that are automatically created by triggers

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to a better workday

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unleash your team’s potential.

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