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Project Management

Track project details from stakeholders, milestones, attachments, and interactions. Empower your team to deliver exceptional results for projects across your business.

Track Team Activities

Everything in one place. Track team activity with phone and email pairing, Get visibility of call volume, email sends, and project notes. Make sure effort meets success.

Keep communication in a single app to easily track performance

Activities are logged and time-stamped for seamless collaboration

Better visibility of team tasks and project timelines for improved team efficiency

Robust Reporting

Data is better visualized. Take advantage of the robust reporting system utilizing 10+ different charting widgets to customize your views and build beautiful data-rich dashboards. Always be in the know.

Reports are populated automatically in-app and are updated in real-time reducing time spent on report generation

Build dashboards to visualize team activities and get instant insights into the full scope of team efforts

Share reports organization wide with one-button PDF generation making sure internal stakeholders are aware of project successes

Project Automation

Focus on the important things. Automate notifications, tasks, and rules for assignment within your projects, meaning more consistency with day-to-day activities. Get those easy wins automatically.

Automate Notifications to make sure that team members are on top of timelines and meet sales quotas

Set automatic report generation to get timely insights into project progress

Use integration with Zapier for flawless 3rd-party integration of almost any app your business needs

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