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Products Management

Manage your product catalog, price lists, inventory, and promotions. Drive efficient sales processes and easily track product metrics across your business.

Scalable Catalog

As your product list grows, don’t let it get unwieldy. Keep visibility on all products in your catalog and track product demand and lifecycle. Optimize your catalog by keeping your products in view. 

Utilize a clean, modern interface with data rich panels and card views to help get the product information up front

Different app views help to quickly sort, group, and search your catalog no matter the size

Link products with notes, tasks, and sales opportunities for full team visibility and collaboration on products and sales

Data Driven

Data is power. Use over 10+ different chart widgets and data-rich dashboards to get your product metrics visualized for better reporting and insight into sales and product lifecycle. Get the metrics you need to stay informed.

Increase visibility into your sales pipeline allowing better insight into product lifetime

Multiple reporting utilities designed to visualize the data you need for product forecasting, changes, and phase-out

Build dashboards to create data-rich full reports pulling in information from multiple sources that can be shared between teams

Industry Specific Customization

Don’t be shackled. App customization allows you to build out your product catalog according to what matters to your business with industry-leading 3rd-party integrations. Syncing the platforms you use most.

Build fields and sections in-app to customize product data to your specific needs

Link internal apps with 'activity roll-ups' allowing for product data to be shared or viewed between apps

Use integration with Zapier for flawless 3rd-party integration of almost any app your business needs

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