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Opportunity Management

Manage your opportunities across every stage of your sales funnel. Track cycle times, sales, and keep your pipelines in view helping identify new areas of opportunity.

Revenue Visibility

Effectively track the opportunities in your pipeline. Always know the stage and status of your opportunities, and maximize your revenue potential with real-time forecasting. Stay on top of all your sales efforts.

Cut down on cycle-times when your team knows which stage each opportunity is at

Identify KPIs more easily by having actionable insight into your sales pipeline

Activity roll-ups let you keep information visible across multiple apps in the platform

Robust Reporting

Data is better visualized. Take advantage of the robust reporting system utilizing 10+ different charting widgets to customize your views and build beautiful data-rich dashboards. Always be in the know.

Data-rich reports that give visibility into the full sales funnel

Multiple reporting utilities designed to visualize data and identify where to you can optimize your cycle-times

Build dashboards to create data-rich full reports pulling in information from multiple sources that can be shared or printed

Automate Opportunity Management

Set rules to automate reminders,  follow-ups, and stage changes to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. Reach your full revenue potential.

Set automations to keep cycle-times low and alerts to make sure pipeline movement stays flowing

Automate rules for touch-base emails to be sent making sure every opportunity is maximized.

Automate reports so you don't have to go searching for sales results

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