Lead Management

Capture and track leads integrating them into a single platform. Collaborate with your team to keep on top of lead generation and qualification.

Integrated Lead Capture

Capture leads from your different channels using industry-leading integrations. Build a unique workflow to prequalify your leads and get your sales team qualifying those leads faster. Let the prospects come to you.

A single platform to handle all leads helping cut down on duplicated and manual data entry

Get instant context and view all activities on your leads to know exactly which stage they are in

Channel integration support to make sure that lead generation keeps flowing

Robust Reporting

Data is better visualized. Take advantage of the robust reporting system utilizing 10+ different charting widgets to customize your views and build beautiful data-rich dashboards. Always be in the know.

Increased visibility into your sales funnel allowing better insight into qualifying leads

Multiple reporting utilities designed to visualize the data you need to streamline your sales funnel

Build dashboards to create data-rich full reports pulling in information from multiple sources that can be shared or printed

Automate your Funnel

Create Automation rules to cut down on conversion times. Get those leads qualified as soon as possible with automated touch-points, and notifications creating consistency in lead experience. Keep your team on top of high-value leads.

Build rules for notifications and assign tasks based on lead status and changes

Automate emails to make sure that leads are prequalified and build a more consistent experience

Use automations for reporting to get the data you need for better forecasting

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to a better workday

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unleash your team’s potential.

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