Contact Management

FreeAgent Contact Management is the application that brings everyone on your team together, helps you build better customer relationships, and eliminates your team’s repetitive work.

Bring Everyone Together

When you bring everyone together, you boost sales productivity and set the stage for scalable growth.

Single System of Record - Never lose another contact. Share a common record for every contact across your entire organization.

Custom Forms and Fields. Store every detail. Structure and track every customer's journey.

Shared Views & Dashboards. Share common views and reports to quickly gain new insight on how to improve.

Build Better Customer Relationships

By knowing more about every contact you can personalize your outreach as you scale.

Contact 360. Capture every customer interaction, with all the detail, and view it all on a single page.

Integrated VOIP. Click to dial using an embedded VOIP like Twilio, RingCentral*, Zoom Phone*, or AWS Connect*.

Real-time Email and Calendar Sync. Click to email, click to schedule meetings, team calendar visibility.

Automate Admin Work

When you eliminate repetitive work you free your employees to have more magical moments with customers, enhacing your brand value.

Automatic Follow-up Cadences. Professional, structured, and consistent follow-up, so no one falls through the cracks. boosting conversion rates.

Auto Contact Creation. Faster lead and customer follow-up as new contacts are created instantaneously and automatically.

Contact Workflows. Flexible and powerful workflows for anything your business needs from lead or contact enrichment, to follow-up escalations, to time-based event handling, and more.

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