Contact Management

Eliminate data redundancy and reduce “app-jumping” with simplified tools for contact management.

Call & Email Integration

Eliminate needless app switching. Faster, more seamless contact with clients through phone and email for a better overall experience. Let your team focus on the contact.

Seamless setup and sync of phone and email

One-button calls and in-app email composition

Auto-logging of calls and emails to track touch points with clients

Suggested Contacts

Bring it all together. Synced email accounts are automatically scanned and have contacts suggested in-app. Less time adding contacts and more time spent making contact.

Use suggestions to create one or more contacts effortlessly

Eliminate redundant data entry

Built-in duplicate contact protection

Contact Assignments

You make the rules. Build automations for contact assignment to eliminate manual handling of contact data. Make sure your contacts get to where they need to go.

Eliminate needless admin work upfront

Assign contacts automatically to specific team members or create a rotation

Predefine specific rules for assignment to make sure the contact gets to exactly who you want

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