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Account Management

All your account relationships from end-to-end. Track key account data and use a robust reporting system to forecast how best to strategize your next move.

Full Visibility

See every interaction. In-app call and email integration allow for a full history of how, and when, your team is interacting with accounts. Spend less time worrying about missed follow-ups, and more time on what matters.

In-app calls and emails are auto-logged so no missed logging of account interactions

Account activities are shared across multiple apps, meaning better visibility of all account interactions and more seamless hand-offs

Multiple view layouts with a single selection get you the info you need without having to search

Robust Reporting

Data is better visualized. Take advantage of the robust reporting system utilizing 10+ different charting widgets to customize your views and build beautiful data-rich dashboards. Always be in the know.

Multiple reporting utilities designed to visualize the data you need for better forecasting

Build dashboards to create data-rich full reports pulling in information from multiple sources that can be shared or printed

Keep track of key accounts and make sure forecasting tnew oppritunities are as simple as possible

Account Automations

Stay focused on your accounts. Set rules to automate reminders or create notifications for follow-ups making sure no account is missed. Keep the communication flowing. 

Automate redundant tasks and keep your team aware of account statuses

Utilize automations to create proactive workflows to anticipate account needs

Assign accounts to specific team members automatically to make sure accounts are in the right hands

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