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Perfect for small teams implementing CRM for the 1st time


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/ 5 users

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free forever /
no credit card or commitment required

Plan includes…

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Everything you need for a small business CRM

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/ user

$84 per month /
pay upfront, commit annually

$99 per month /
pay monthly, commit annually

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Ideal for small and mid-size organizations looking for power and productivity


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$180 per month /
pay upfront, commit annually

$216 per month /
pay monthly, commit annually

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Completely extensible CRM with F500 enterprise-grade features

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ISO 27001




ISO 27001



Main Features

All-in-One: Contacts, Accounts, Deals, Tickets, Projects, and Quotes

Manage Contacts, Accounts, Deals, Tickets, Projects, Quotes and more in one happy place.

All Activities: Tasks, Emails, Phone Calls*, Texts*, Notes, and Attachments

All activities are automatically and neatly organized within all of your apps.

Self-Service Support Portal**

Manage your customer support inquires within a personalized Self-Service Support Portal.

Custom Apps*

Customize your apps to fit your business. You can also create apps from scratch.
Up to 5 Custom Apps* Unlimited

Email Features

Automatic 2-Way Sync with Gmail, Outlook, Exchange (Real-time)

Seamlessly pair Gmail, G Suite, and Outlook or Office 365 within a few clicks.

Auto-log emails to Contacts, Accounts, and Deals

Automatically capture and log all inbound and outbound emails.

Visual no-code Automation Builder*

Create custom automations easily using a simple, visual automation builder.

Automated Email Sequences with smart-field personalization*

Send emails automatically based on triggers such as account status, website engagement, form fields, and more.

Share Email Templates with your team

Build high-performing email templates, share them through folders, and easily access them from every app.

Drag-n-Drop Email Visual Designer

Use a drag-and-drop builder to create beautiful email templates.

Email Open-Click Notifications

Get notified instantly when prospects open your email so you can perfectly follow up.

Email Template effectiveness reporting

See email activity by rep, by team, or company-wide.

Bulk Email Blasts with smart-field personalization

Send email campaigns quickly to 1000's of contacts. Personalize with merge tags, automations, and follow-ups.

Call Features

Fully-integrated Outbound Calling

Make calls directly from FreeAgent in your browser or mobile app.

Auto-log calls to Contacts, Accounts, and Deals

Enable automatic call logging as well as turn on recordings and transcriptions.

Call duration & outcome reporting

Auto-capture call duration, talk ratios, and timestamp on every call.

Call recording

Improve and access data faster with call recordings and sales activity reporting.

Searchable call transcriptions

Easily access call transcriptions without any extra setup and better reporting.

SMS/Text Messaging Features

Send and receive SMS (including images)

Send and receive SMS/text messages directly from FreeAgent on your browser or mobile app.

Auto-log texts to Contacts, Accounts, and Deals

FreeAgent neatly organizes all texts for every contact for a complete chronological relationship history.

Bulk SMS Blasts with smart-field personalization

Send personalized SMS/text messages to hundreds of chosen contacts with a single click.

Automated SMS Sequences with smart-field personalization

Set a series of text messages to send based on the triggers you set.

Tasks & Productivity

Personal page with your tasks, notifications and calender

Open and work your task list from any page in FreeAgent.

Automatic Task context for Contacts, Accounts, Deals & Projects*

Easily glance related records and relevant information without leaving your task list.

Automatic Task assignment based on triggers

Auto-prioritize your task list based on events that you decide are important.

Flip your real-time Notifications into Tasks with 1-click

Flip your real-time notifications into tasks with 1-click, so you can stay on top of everything even as new work comes in.

1-Click to Call, Email, or Text*

Action email, phone, and other tasks with a single-click.

Quick-create tasks from any page

Add a new task to your list in seconds. Add details or keep it simple.

Live feed all activities across your team

Watch work getting done in real-time and view all your team activity and customer interactions.

Custom Notifications

Create custom notifications and manage events such as new leads, task assignments, upcoming deadlines, important updates and more.

Reminders and escalation rules for overdue Tasks

Receive notifications when a task has an upcoming due date. Get alerts for missed follow-ups.

Snooze reminders

Set and snooze reminders to suit your own workday.



Design and deploy custom webforms, empowering your organization to capture valuable information from your website and send it to FreeAgent directly

Remove FreeAgent branding from Emails, Meeting Invitations

Create and personalize signatures to use in emails you compose within FreeAgent.

Brand FreeAgent with your Logo and Theme

Define your own theme to match your organization's logo and brand.

Custom Branded Login Page

Customize your login page to match your organization's logo and brand.

Custom UI Pages and Page Builder

Create custom pages in FreeAgent for individuals, teams, or your entire user base.

Custom Sites

Create and manage custom menu layouts tailored to different user roles or preferences, enhancing usability and control for customers.

Management Reporting

Custom Dashboards and reports

Create and customize dashboards with a collection of charts to track essential metrics.
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Out-of-the-box reports included for sales, marketing, ticketing, +

Built-in templates for Dashboards and Views for Contacts, Accounts, Deals, Tickets, and more.

Customer acquisition and retention reporting

Track every stage change for customer acquisitions and pipeline. View linked deal activity.

Sales team performance reporting

Compare performance by rep / month / lead source, +

Compare performance to goals by team or time period.

Sales team productivity reporting

Compare # activities by rep / day / type (calls/emails/meetings), +

Provide individual rep dashboards to track activity and performance.

Pipeline, revenue & cycle time reporting

Track pipeline and revenue achievements by sales rep, team, marketing channel, industry, or any other dimension.

Schedule recurring report snapshots and distribute via email

Schedule a snapshot of a report to generate and send on a regular basis. Send auto-email reports to a custom list.

Custom UI Widgets

Design and configure custom UI widgets to enhance your CRM and reporting experience.


Team Calendar

Visualize team members availability and agendas for easier scheduling.

Automatic 2-way sync to Google Calendar or Office Calendar

Works seamlessly with Google Calendar and Office 365 Calendar.

Automately log meetings to Contacts, Accounts, and Deals

Set meeting tracking to update automatically based on triggers.

Convenient scheduling of team members

Schedule meetings quickly knowing the availability of all key people.

Track and report on Meeting outcomes

Analyze meeting outcomes by rep, channel, industry, or any other dimension.

Webvite Schedule Meeting email link

Send out personalized meeting invites for the recipient to choose a date and time for the meeting.

Automating Work

Visual no-code Automation Builder*

Create custom automations easily using a simple, visual, no-code automation builder.
Up to 25 Automations* Up to 300 Automations* Unlimited

Automate lead capture, lead assignment, and lead followup

Route leads and inquiries to the right agent automatically based on rules you set.

Automatically assign tasks per stage

Progress deals and projects through stages automatically when certain conditions are met.

Automatically assign tasks from triggers

Setup a task series based on triggers, such as a new lead assignment, to play out over weeks.

Automate account followup

Trigger reminders and alerts based on conditions such as "no interactions" or "after 24 hours".

Automation Runs

Access details of all the automations that have been launched to stay informed on their statuses.

Automate email, call, and text campaigns to prospects and customers

Send email, call, and text campaigns automatically based on triggers.

AI Assistant / Co-Pilot

Create and Update Records

Create and update records through a simple command. Example: Update 'Acme' deal to stage closed one.

Build Reports

Build custom reports through a simple command. Example: show me a bar chart of all contacts grouped by contact stage and contact owner.

Navigate the CRM

Navigate the records in FreeAgent CRM through a simple command. Example: Go to record John Doe.

AI-Based Lead and Deal Scoring

Score your data based on your criteria, such as emails, phone calls, industry, or other specific information.


Connect to 1000's of other systems via Zapier

Zapier is a user-friendly integration tool in which you can connect FreeAgent CRM to thousands of loved applications.

Gmail, Outlook, Exchange Email Integrations

Pair your email account with FreeAgent in a few clicks. Just log in and start emailing your contacts directly from FreeAgent.

Google and Microsoft Calendar Integrations

Pair your Google and Microsoft accounts directly with FreeAgent to sync your calendar.

Mailchimp Integration

Create targeted email campaigns, sync contacts from FreeAgent, and import email campaign reporting.

Twilio Integration for Voice, SMS/Text

Enabling Twilio with a few clicks allows you to make calls natively in FreeAgent.

Sendgrid Integration for Bulk Email

Maximize your email's inbox placement and ensure deliverability through Sendgrid.

DocuSign Integration

Send a quote or order for e-signature with a single click through direct integration with DocuSign.

Quickbooks Online Integration

Click a button to auto-create an invoice in QBO that matches the information on your quote.

Slack Integration

Through direct integration with FreeAgent CRM, you can easily share CRM status and deals stage updates, new leads alerts, and more.

Google Maps Integration

Configure and enable using Google Maps directly in FreeAgent.

IMAP Email Integration

Pair your IMAP account with FreeAgent in a few clicks using your IMAP email, password, and incoming and outgoing server information.


With Low-Code Integrations via Webhooks integrate FreeAgent CRM with all of your favorite tools.

Website Tracking

Enable website tracking to access website analytics directly in FreeAgent with a custom script.

Direct API access

There are more ways to integrate FreeAgent CRM with all of your favorite tools. With FreeAgent’s robust Open API, the possibilities are endless.

Out-of-the-Box IPaaS Integration Service

Out-of-the-Box integrations are pre-installed and ready to roll, just login through FreeAgent and go.

Security and Permissons

Undelete Records

Review the list of deleted records and select those you want to restore.

Set Individual Access

Have control of what users can and can't do with an application on a per-field or per-record basis.

Create App Actions

Configure various actions that can be triggered within an app with a click.

Configure Related Lists

Structure the way you display and manage related records associated with a record within an app.

Configure sub-applications using Lines

Create custom modules, extensions, or integrations tailored to specific business needs or industry requirements.

Duplicate Prevention

Maintain data integrity and cleanliness by preventing the creation and updating of duplicate records

Audit Log of Every Change

Keep track of all the changes made into a single record on any of your Apps.

Advanced Permissions: Role Based Access Control

All of our platform configurations can be customized to apply to specific sets of roles.

Set Field-Level Permissions

Access and modification operations can be controlled for sensitive data within records themselves.

Go Live Quickly

Pre-configured Contacts, Accounts, Deals, Quotes, Tasks, and other Apps

Start making the most out of FreeAgent CRM with just a few clicks and by using the pre-configured apps.

Out-of-the-box sales dashboards and reports

Built-in templates for Dashboards and Views for Contacts, Accounts, Deals, Tickets, and more.

Out-of-the-box email templates you can adapt for your business

Take advantage of proven high-performing email templates built-in to FreeAgent's email template library.

Easy setup wizards for email pairing, calendar, phone, and text integrations

Easily link your favorite email, calendar, phone, and text apps to FreeAgent CRM.

Future Proof

Frequent updates and enhancements to the platform included

Monthly product updates and new features designed for our customer constantly evolving needs.

Easily customizable to meet the needs of your business

FreeAgent CRM allows you to fully customize your experience so that it fits your process.

Integrate easily with the tools you already use

FreeAgent CRM offers a number of Out-of-the-Box integrations with popular software.

#1 Top-Rated Support

Knowledge Base AI Assistant

Finding the answers to your questions faster.

Finding the answers to your questions faster.

Help Center with easy-to-follow guides, videos, and walk-throughs

Exceptional Help Center guides with videos, in-app tool tips, and walk-throughs will get you up and running in no time.

Weekly Live Customer Webinars

Our expert team will introduce new features and answer customer questions on any topic

Our expert team will introduce new features and answer customer questions on any topic.

Ticket Support Portal

Admins can utilize the FreeAgent support portal to log support issues, check issue status, and provide supplemental support information to the FreeAgent team to get support quickly.

30-Day Onboarding available

Dedicated in-house onboarding specialist will get your team up and running quickly.

Professional Services available

Our premium internal agency is available for custom integrations / customizations

Our premium in-house professional services is available for custom integrations / customizations.

Dedicated Account Manager

With dedicated in-house support, your dedicated Account Manager will ensure you’re set up for success.

* Usage / feature limitations for select plans.

** Additional costs associated, contact sales to learn more.



Seamlessly connect FreeAgent CRM to all your favorite tools.

Lead the way to a better workday

Connect with our CRM experts to unleash your team’s potential.

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