New year, new features

New year, new features 

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New year, new features!

And Razamatazstic new looks!

FreeAgent CRM Platform Update January 2, 2019

In this update:

Import Enhancements
Activity Sharing
Blacklist Emails
Introducing Themes

We’re off to a rocking start on our new years resolutions list – and guess what? It looks a lot like a wishlist from small businesses who want to grow, along with specific features and enhancements requested by Free Agents like you.

We have big ambitions for small business in 2019! Stay tuned as we roll out more features and enhancements weekly. This special holiday Taco Thursday is all about the first batch of the year.


Import Enhancements

A CRM is powered by your data. That’s why we’re committed to super-powering it, by capturing information from anywhere and getting it all in one place. Like most businesses, you probably have a constant stream of data coming in – via email, phone calls, calendar events, notes and attachments – that need to get captured on the fly. But for larger data sets, like Contact lists, (or Products, or Venues… with Custom Objects, you name it (literally!) – these exports from Excel or other legacy systems need to get into your CRM too, and we believe it shouldn’t be a painful process.

Here’s a rundown of the Import Enhancements

  • New centralized location in Settings > Import Data
  • Every import will be logged in the Import Data table where users will be able to see the following:
    # of new records created
    # of records updated (when importing with the ID column which matches to existing records)
    # of errors (can be expanded to see a list of all errors, including row/column)
    Errors could be any of the following:
    – Invalid format (Example: Importing a text into a number field)
    – Value does not exist (Example: Importing a Choice List option that does not exist)
  • Note: If any errors are found during an import, then no records will be created or updated. We want to ensure everything will look just right before making big changes with your data.

“Before this enhancement, it was harder for Free Agents to know if there was an error in their data import or if the import was still running. Now the Import Status, # of New/Updated Records, and Errors (including row/column) show for every import, really improving the process and recordlist.” – Brian Hudson, Product Manager for FreeAgent CRM

Activity Sharing

Activities are actions tracked within FreeAgent CRM, like Emails, Phone Calls, Notes, and Calendar Events. You know – the ones that show up in your Activity Timeline. Activities have always automatically shared between Standard Objects: Leads, Accounts, Deals (even if you renamed them to work better for you) – and they still will be. But now we’ve extended the ability to share Activities between your Custom Objects. You choose which ones to share using the new Share icon right from your Activity Timeline.

Things to Know

  • Share activities to any other record including custom object
  • Related records will automatically show as suggestions when sharing an activity
  • See where an activity originated from when looking at a shared activity
  • Activities will continue to automatically share (roll-up) from Leads to Accounts, Leads to Deals, & Accounts to Deals

Blacklist Emails

One of the best things about FreeAgent CRM is the way it works auto-magically with your paired email inbox to capture emails and seamlessly track all interactions with your customers. But what about emails that you don’t want to be captured into the system, even if they’re associated with a contact in your CRM? No sweat!

Protect sensitive information and conversations between colleagues. By blacklisting email addresses, you can ensure emails are never logged in the system.

To use this feature, go to Settings > Email > Blacklist.

Things to Know

  • Team Members are automatically on the blacklist
  • Emails will still show in FreeAgent as long as there is at least (1) contact that is not blacklisted in the From, To, or CC fields

Introducing… Themes!

FreeAgent CRM themes are another way to personalize your CRM interface and make it even more uniquely you.

Available Themes:
– Double Rainbow
– Blue Steel
– Fuchsialicious
– Flight of the bumblebee
– Tangerine Tango
– Razamataz
– Sally’s seaside
– Winter Wonderland
– Blackberry Pie
– Love Bug

Things to Know

  • Themes are a personal setting, and not team-wide, so you can each rock your own style
  • Try on the new looks in Settings > Themes

We hope you enjoy them as much as our team here at FreeAgent! We’re wishing you all a happy new year and outstanding success in 2019 – and as always, we’ll be here along the way to help make it happen!

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