Platform for complete Sales + Marketing alignment

Align your teams to unlock growth, gain actionable insights, and optimize marketing ROI

Taking care of business

Gain full funnel visibility so you can drive revenue—and get credit

Know the impact of campaigns

Track full funnel conversion

Run campaigns directly from FreeAgent

Enforce brand across go-to-market teams

Optimize marketing spend ROI

The #1 platform for marketers who love Mailchimp

Keep using the tools you already love
Bring teams and tools together with the only true all-in-one platform for business growth

Capture leads from anywhere

Capture new leads
Instantly and automatically from anywhere. 

  • Business Website
  • Landing Pages
  • Email Parsing
  • Intuitive Suggested-Contacts
  • Email Contacts

Personalized, branded emails auto-send instantly
Increasing lead qualification by 400%

Track campaigns across the entire funnel

Know the impact of your campaigns
Visibility is critical when you track more than your MQL.

Metrics that matter
Access up-to-the-minute reporting of conversion rates; pivot by lead source, created date, industry and way more.

Keep a pulse
Board view reporting shows real-time leads come in. Pivot by day, month, quarter or by lead source, sales stage, and way more.

Insights that drive action

Email Analytics
Email analytics shows what’s working and what’s not. A/B test branded email templates.

Re-Market like a pro
Reach out to almost-customers armed with valuable data and segment based on any field, such as “reason lost”.

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