“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.”  -Hans Hofmann, Abstract Expressionist Painter

Today we are dropping the wings from our FreeAgent CRM logo.

As you may know, our vision is to design an application that is easy and simple for anyone to use. There is no tolerance for overly complex workflows and processes within our application. Daily we scrutinize our product and ask, “How can we make this more simple?” If a feature cannot be defended, it is removed. Some of our best designs have come from removing features rather than from adding them.

We love the wings on our FreeAgent CRM logo—they represent freedom from the chains of legacy CRM systems. With FreeAgent CRM, you my friend, are free to fly high. And while this remains true, now more than ever, we forced ourselves to look at our logo and asked ourselves if the wings were absolutely necessary in telling our story? In a word, no. So we simplified. Our logo is now itself freed, to say all on its own: “I represent simplicity and ease of use”. This is value we stand firmly behind.

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