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HIPAA Compliant Healthcare CRM

Connect your systems and teams with powerful, easy-to-use, HIPAA-compliant CRM your whole team will love.

Get visibility into day-to-day work

Automate work and streamline your processes

Track everything and get full visibility

Get organized and get more done

FreeAgent powers Healthcare

Hassle-free HIPAA compliance for organizations in fields of life sciences, medical devices, research, testing & regulation, consulting, services, pharmaceutics, biotech, health insurers, nonprofit, + more.


The #1 hassle-free HIPAA compliant CRM for Healthcare

Maximize efficiency with a native HIPAA-compliant CRM system, without the need for third-party vendors.


Empower your team

Eliminate admin work, manual updates, and all of the blah — so your team can focus on what matters.

FreeAgent helps your team stay on task.

Reps always know their next steps

Automatically capture emails, calls, meetings and more

Instant notifications for prospect email opens and website visits

Auto-assign tasks based on triggers

Automate follow-ups


Know what’s really going on

Remote work visibility for managers

Watch work getting done with real-time Company Live Feed

Real-time online status, ”last active” timestamp, geo-location, and activity charts

Celebrate and motivate with sales activity leaderboards

Get alerts for missed follow-ups

Complete account history at your fingertips

Rep call recording with transcriptions and insights

FreeAgent + Healthcare Customer Stories

Frequently Asked Questions

Across the healthcare industry, FreeAgent delivers a HIPAA-compliant CRM (customer relationship management software) that meets the standards set by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) for the handling and protection of PHI (Personal Health Information).

It is specifically designed to meet the requirements of life sciences, biotech, pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations that deal with PHI. FreeAgent’s healthcare CRM software helps clients manage and track data for enhanced practice management and lead management that is always HIPAA compliant.

FreeAgent delivers a unique CRM custom-built for organizations in the medical device, biotech, pharmaceutical, diagnostics, research, facility management, specialty suppliers, and insurance fields. Enabling secure access to client information from anywhere, as well as insight-driven overviews and management, FreeAgent is a sales team or call center’s secret superpower.

FreeAgent helps you sell better and faster, across all of your sales channels. Scale communications without losing your personal touch.

Schedule meetings faster and manage them easier. Tracking team meetings can be the best leading indicator on hitting goals.

Enjoy a fresh take on task management with all of your CRM context connected to each task to 10x sales and project efficiency. With FreeAgent, reps always know their next steps – and it’s easy to auto-assign tasks based on triggers like new leads, email opens, or status changes.

FreeAgent has robust built-in reporting. Automatically measure what matters, and never again scramble to spin up management reports. Understand performance and gain insights at a glance.

Change the trajectory of your entire business by automating your sales process. Eliminate repetitive work, run your best plays every time, and scale.

With hassle-free marketing automation and workflow automation, FreeAgent simplifies customer nurturing and retention. It empowers the management of long-term relationships with multiple stakeholders while delivering the ability to easily customize unique processes (without code!).

Healthcare organizations often find FreeAgent’s document management particularly useful, as well as its seamless integrations with software such as Twilio, which enables SMS capabilities and more.

Of course, the best HIPAA-compliant CRMs, such as FreeAgent, also include features that ensure the security and privacy of PHI. This includes encryption, access controls, audit trails, and secure data storage.

No. Most teams are up and running and getting value from FreeAgent within the first two weeks.

While FreeAgent is designed with the ease of the user in mind, we offer 30-day onboarding if you want assistance.

A dedicated onboarding specialist will contact you and be available to answer any questions via email and weekly meetings during the onboarding process. They will help you with setup and training. And we’ll always be there for you after the onboarding period ends. For more information about onboarding, click here.

We offer support and guidance throughout the implementation process. Our goal is to ensure that healthcare organizations are able to meet HIPAA requirements and use our next-generation CRM’s functionality effectively.

Our team safeguards the experience and enables peak data security, avoiding a data breach. Our process was designed following the principles set by fellow market leaders such as Caspio, NexHealth, and Salesforce Health Cloud.

Our clients deal with a broad range of customers and potentially access sensitive health information during the course of a project lifecycle. HIPAA regulations require this information be protected and kept confidential. A HIPAA-compliant CRM ensures that this information is handled securely and that the organization is in compliance with the law.

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