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FreeAgent vs Salesforce

Work’s better.

The only fully-featured CRM platform alternative to Salesforce.

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Trusted by 1000s+ of the world’s most productive teams

Join thousands of growing teams that are making the switch to modern CRM + Work Management

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Why choose FreeAgent
over Salesforce

< 20% of CRM projects succeed

Low-to-No Adoption

Too hard to use = low team adoption

Daily usage rates under 14%

Long Time to Value

Average 6–8 months to go live

Most implementations fail or run out of budget before go-live

Low support rating for businesses less than 50k employees

Too Expensive

Locked into a contract with hidden add-ons and upgrades

90% of customers succeed & renew

#1 User Recommended

A visual, intuitive user experience that drives 100% team adoption

Daily usage rates over 40%

Up and running < 30 days

From day one, FreeAgent automagically logs and organizes your team’s email, calls, and meetings for instant visibility and value

Customizable without IT or admin support

#1 in customer support (included)

Half the cost of ownership

Expert implementation under 50% of the cost

Don’t need costly consultants, dedicated admin or developers

Workdays full of impact

FreeAgent helps you work more collaboratively and track and improve performance.

Comparing FreeAgent vs Salesforce

is like comparing Apple iPhone XR vs mobile phone 1st generation in the mid 90s. FreeAgent is outstanding in terms of customization, service, interface, simplicity and elegance. The entire user experience if rated on a scale of 1 to 10 is 10+… while I would rank Salesforce 1.”

Marc Kirst

CEO of Amazing Group LLC

3 things you won’t get with Salesforce.


Software your team actually wants to use

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Daily Usage Rates:
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