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Work’s better.

The only fully-featured CRM platform alternative to Salesforce.

#1 User-Rated Alternative to Salesforce

Trusted by 1000s+ of the world’s most productive teams

Recognized by the world’s leading software reviews and selection platforms

Why choose FreeAgent over Salesforce

90% of customers succeed & renew

#1 User Recommended

Up and running < 30 days

Half the cost of ownership

< 20% of CRM projects succeed

Low-to-No Adoption

Long Time to Value

Too Expensive

FreeAgent is a modern low-maintenance platform with included market-leading support, robust no-code customization, and expertly guided implementation

Salesforce requires dedicated admin, part-time developer, expensive consultants, and add-ons for support

Hear from our customers

Having FreeAgent means we're able to have more revenue with less employees. Way more efficiency in the sales process. Our salespeople can communicate with more customers per day than was possible before, manage more accounts, with even better quality interactions and higher revenue outcomes.”

Ivan Plavec

Chief Business Officer, ImaginAb Biotech

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revenue / employee

FreeAgent organizes all of our tasks and sets up the workday for myself and everyone on the team. We just log in and GO. FreeAgent ensures we deliver on our commitment to our customers. The dashboards allow me to track thousands of data points and compile them in an easy-to-digest format, easy to share with my team and stakeholders.”

Al Broida

Vice President, Telecom Management Resources

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Our team activity levels in the first month with FreeAgent were 30% higher than before, and that translates to revenue. It’s been an immediate and resounding success. FreeAgent makes my sales team look better. It gave us differentation and made us more competitive in our market.”

Anthony Hegarty

VP of Sales, Paramount Staffing

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sales productivity


FreeAgent is the only CRM platform alternative to Salesforce…

Easier to use

Less Expensive

Quick and simple

that’s way easier to use AND more recommended.

According to Gartner®

The world’s leading research and advisory company for business leaders.

Welcome to the next generation of CRM

With modern software that unlocks visibility and productivity without all the complexity of Salesforce.

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