Last Friday we announced we have an iPhone and an Android app under private beta. We’ll be offering them on Apple’s App Store and on Google Play very, very soon. These apps have been top requests from our customers – both in the United States as well as in Mexico and India.

In fast-growing markets around the world we’ve learned many companies have skipped the “laptop generation” and gone straight to their phones to sell. These salespeople are not issued a corporate laptop by their company & many of them simply don’t own or use one.

For that reason as we’ve designed our dedicated mobile solution for FreeAgent we’ve done it differently than most other CRM software companies – instead of a stripped down feature-set (example: Zoho’s lack of filters on lists) we are offering the complete FreeAgent experience on mobile.

Initially the app will focus on the flows used most by our customers – Managing deals & the pipeline, following up with Contacts, and researching Accounts. For sales leaders and CEO’s you’ll be able to track the activity of your entire sales team in a tap. Nice stuff.

If you’re new to FreeAgent or want to track our progress on mobile closely, feel free to sign up for extra info & early access here.

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