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Try FreeAgent and experience the next generation of CRM + Work Management software for teams of any size:

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#1 User-Rated Alternative to Salesforce

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FreeAgent delivers a
next-gen work experience

Our cloud-based platform helps teams unlock productivity.

With FreeAgent, you can:

Get everything in one place

FreeAgent empowers leaders to optimize sales, marketing, customer success, project management and more — so every employee has workdays full of impact.

Optimize anything

Whether it’s a deal, a project, a support ticket, or anything else, FreeAgent helps your team stay on task. Boards, lists, and cards enable you to organize and prioritize any business flow in a fun, flexible, and rewarding way.

Work your way

Finally, customization without complexity. Code-free configuration of powerful custom apps. Completely customizable workspaces. Seamless integration with all your favorite.

Trusted by 1000s+ of the world’s most productive teams

Join thousands of growing teams that are making the switch to modern CRM + Work Management

Recognized by the world’s leading software reviews and selection platforms

Work more collaboratively and
improve performance

I know from my experience adoption rates with CRM systems can be a difficult thing. My folks have a 99% adoption rate using FreeAgent.

In our industry, it’s competitive. Differentiation is tough. FreeAgent gives you differentiation.

FreeAgent gives me the ability to enable my sales people at the point of sale and make them look better than any other sales team through best-in-class built-in practices.

My team has adopted it wholeheartedly. The team activity levels in the first month were 30% higher than the previous month before we had FreeAgent. It’s been a resounding success.”

Anthony Hegarty

VP of Sales

Lead the way
to a better workday

FreeAgent helps you work more collaboratively and track and improve performance.

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