With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, let’s talk customer love with Gwen (our resident Free Agent Ambassador!)

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If you don’t have customers, you don’t have a business – and it doesn’t take much to lose a customer in 2019. Feeling unappreciated is the number one reason customers switch away from a business.

No matter what your role is on your small business team, customer love is your top priority! And while loyalty programs and fun gifts can work in spurts, it’s way more important to get the basics right and be consistent and reliable in their execution. Don’t wait for a special occasion, like Valentine’s Day or a birthday to let your customers know you care. Build it into your business’ DNA.

Here are five ways to let your customers know you care.

1. Respond right now

When an inquiry is made, acknowledge the receipt of the question right away. 90% of customers today expect an immediate response – and they tell us that “immediate” means within the first 10 minutes! To ensure consistency here, you need automation – with marketing, customer service, or CRM tools, you can personalize auto-responses that let customers know you’re on the case and taking action, and that their inquiry didn’t go into a black hole. Making customers wait, even a little bit, is no longer acceptable.

2. Respond to the actual inquiry

Customers want to know they’ve been heard, and that their question/concern is actually being addressed. Automation is not the right tool here – don’t just send back suggested knowledgebase articles based on keywords in the inquiry. Instead, consider how historical customer data available at your fingertips can provide instant context into the customer – tracked emails and notes can even show you if they’re tech-saavy or usually require more explanation.

3. Tell them what to expect…

Whether it’s a follow-up to a question, timing for delivering a product or letting someone know that you’re running late, be specific in telling your customer what to expect. Even when you’re responding right away (See #1!), let customers know when a live human will be back to them.

4. … And then follow through

One of the best ways to lose business is to say one thing and do another. Customer relationship quality and the reputation of your brand are based in trust. You might want to throw the cliché “under-promise and over-deliver” out the window, but not doing that is a sure-fire way for your customers to feel very unimportant.

5. Check in after the sale

A customer that has made a purchase is the best kind of customer to have. These are your loyal fans and making sure that things went smoothly after the deal is done will ensure your success through referrals, brand trust, and high-value social proof. Engaged customers who feel connected to your business are not only 50% more likely to make more purchases themselves, they’re also 10x more likely to recommend you to friends.

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