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Work Management

Optimize any process, reduce admin work, and have workdays full of impact.

  • Web App Notifications

    Receive notifications in the web browser application when an important event occurs.

  • Native Mobile App

    Full featured, native iOS and Android mobile apps. Entire web-app configuration and data visibility carries over to your mobile device.

  • Mobile Push Notifications

    Receive push notifications on your mobile device when an important event occurs.

  • Global Search

    A global, partial or full text/number search in the navigation panel which retrieves and displays any and all records, across the entire platform, containing the searched string (depending on permissions) for easy navigation.

  • In App Search

    An in-app, partial or full text/number search in app search bar which retrieves and displays records containing the searched string (depending on permissions) for fast record location within the app.

  • Quick Add

    Add a record from a related list instantly by simply naming the new record.

  • Related Record Quick Links

    Access all records of a related list with one click on the related list count button.

  • Related Records Pop up in Cards

    View related records from a record card.

  • Index Layout

    View record cards in a single column while displaying the record details, activity timelline and related lists next to the column. Clicking from one record card to the next instantly displays the highlighted record's details.

  • Index Detail Toggle

    Switch your record detail view in the Index layout to access parent record details and activities.

  • Saved Views

    Save views with filtering, sorting, arranging and a selected layout engaged that will be frequented to become searchable, favorited, added to dashboards and exported.

  • Favorited Views

    A user-based list in the navigation panel of favorited views allowing for fast and easy navigation across the platform to manage work and view data in a streamlined fashion.

  • Recents

    A browser history but within FreeAgent. Quickly return to a page you were recently on.

  • User-based Views

    Filtered and oftentimes a saved view or menu item for user assigned record views to always keep user-assigned work on the screen for the logged-in user.

  • Unique URLs

    Each view in FreeAgent has a unique URL which can be shared with other users.

  • Contact Assignments

    Use assignment rules or round robin logic to automatically assign new contacts team members.

  • Click-to-Create Records

    Create contact, account, opportunity and custom app records and more with a single click.

  • Default Field Values

    Set default values upon creation of a record

  • Click-to-Edit Records

    Edit field values in an existing record.

  • Bulk Edit

    Edit field values across multiple records simultaneously.

  • Jobs Engine

    When importing, running a large bulk action, or scheduled automation, job progress is tracked and alerts you once completed so you can continue your work without waiting.

  • Scoring

    Score leads, accounts, opportunities, and other CRM apps to identify opportunities or risk with AI-powered insights

  • Duplicate Blocking

    Based on custom, unique field settings, block duplicate records from being created in FreeAgent

  • Drag and Drop Columns

    You can now drag and drop column headers in your list view to quickly arrange columns.

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