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Introducing an excitingly customizable feature

FreeAgent CRM Platform Update December 11, 2018

In this update:

Custom Objects
Streamlined Activity Timeline

We must admit, we’ve been a bit impolite. We never formally introduced Custom Objects (or Custom Tabs, as some of its closest friends call it.)

But it’s a customer favorite feature AND it just got some exciting new updates. So that’s why this Taco Tuesday is all Custom Objects.

Many of you are already using Custom Objects to tailor FreeAgent CRM for your unique business needs. You guys will LOVE this update which superpowers your Custom Objects with the same features you love in Standard objects: Activity Timeline and Next Steps.

And if you’re not already using Custom Objects, it’s never been a better time to get to know them. We’ve included a complete rundown below.

“We aren’t a typical sales company so we definitely had atypical needs and they catered to them perfectly It’s pretty cool how everything we ask for they can do; I’d like to imagine that everybody’s FreeAgent looks different. That’s pretty awesome.” – Heather Millevoli, South Jersey Tournaments, FreeAgent CRM Customer

We think it’s awesome too! Check out some of the amazing uniqueness you can create with FreeAgent CRM in the slideshow below.



Custom Objects

FreeAgent CRM has a few Standard Objects you’re probably familiar with, like Contacts, Deals, Accounts, etc. You might have renamed them so they make more sense for your business, since FreeAgent is the only CRM with that fancy feature.

But did you know you can also create completely Custom Objects, too?

What are custom objects?

Custom Objects are versatile containers that store information unique to your company and superpowers that data with all of the features and functionality of the FreeAgent CRM platform. You can create relationships to Contacts and other records, generate reports, create Next Steps, and way more! It’s as dynamic and unique as each small business itself.

What’s New

Before today, Custom Objects were powerful, but they didn’t have a layout and functionality consistent with the rest of the platform. We’re excited to announce these additions to custom objects:

Activity Timeline and Next Steps
Notes and Attachments

Things to Know

Creating a Custom Object is easy! Check out our Support Center Tutorial and video below:

Tutorial: How to Create Custom Objects

Video: How to Create Custom Tabs



More enhancements

Streamlined Activity Timeline

We’ve redesigned the Activity Timeline throughout the entire platform so you can see more of what’s important in less space with even less clutter (like repetitive words and unnecessary extra lines). It’s the small things that really add up, and our product team really sweats the small stuff to make your experience better.


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