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Unlock sales productivity

Boost revenue-impacting activities by 30%+

Boost sales efficiency, gain predictability, and make business decisions that drive revenue.

Improve sales outcomes

Spend less time on administration and have workdays full of impact. Eliminate all the manual work of logging updates so reps can focus on customers.

Work smarter and faster

Email, call, text, set meetings, jot notes, send quotes, and more — all in one place.

Unleash your team’s potential

I know from my experience adoption rates with CRM systems can be a difficult thing. My folks have a 99% adoption rate using FreeAgent.

In our industry, it’s competitive. Differentiation is tough. FreeAgent gives you differentiation.

FreeAgent gives me the ability to enable my sales people at the point of sale and make them look better than any other sales team through best-in-class built-in practices.

My team has adopted it wholeheartedly. The team activity levels in the first month were 30% higher than the previous month before we had FreeAgent. It’s been a resounding success.”

Anthony Hegarty

VP of Sales



Seamlessly connect FreeAgent CRM to all your favorite tools.

Lead the way to a better workday

Connect with our CRM experts to unleash your team’s potential.

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