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Full-funnel visibility

See everything

The full customer lifecycle at your fingertips.

Track and improve

Gain a 360° view of every account, with activity timelines of every digital interaction automagically captured from new lead to loyal customer.

Follow along with the funnel

Know what happens to your leads after the hand-off to sales. View volume and quality of interactions, see how quickly leads are qualified and gain more insight about leads that are scored low by sales.

No leads fall through the cracks; a definitive source of truth for lead tracking and scoring

Customize dashboards to visualize marketing campaign data in a snap

Real-time reports on lead follow-up times, and email opens-and-clicks

Target your ideal customer profile

Target your ICP in advertising by creating lookalike audiences from your most successful customers.

Optimize ROI on marketing spend by tracking conversions all the way to wins - and beyond, to lifetime customer value

Superpower your marketing campaigns with intelligent data unique to your business

Champion a metrics-based approach to spend and increase revenue generated by marketing

Protect and elevate your brand

Ensure brand consistency across all interactions and content; oversee email templates and access Activity Timelines for visibility into low-funnel and post-funnel interactions.

Enforce brand with beautiful email templates

Align marketing with sales messaging for a consistent experience

Get ahead of the questions with value-adding content

Provide complete visibility

FreeAgent is the MVP we rely on

to keep the information correct, up to date and provides a central hub that allows us all to stay connected.

Very intuitive and easy to use for the whole team, requiring minimal support and time – this really provides so much value!

As FreeAgent continues to add features, they’ve helped me see ways to do my job better. What drew us to FreeAgent and has kept us with them is their customer service.”

Lindsay Cohrs

FinePoint Associates, LLC


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