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Task & Activity Management

Create, assign, prioritize, complete and track tasks of any type across your organization.

  • Tasks

    Track tasks for everyone on your team to keep work on track.

  • Task Customization

    Like any App in FreeAgent, your Tasks App is completely customizable to fit your business. The Tasks App consolidates every task across your entire organization in on place.

  • Task Scheduling

    Create and assign tasks to yourself or other users efficiently based on resource availability.

  • Task Prioritization

    Prioritize tasks based on due date, priority selection or automate prioritization with custom conditions.

  • Task Types

    Categorize your tasks based on a task type (phone call, email, todo, meeting) and custom task types.

  • Recurring Tasks

    Automate recurring task creation and task reminders.

  • Task Referencing

    Create tasks within or related to specific parent records across all your apps.

  • Sub-Tasks

    Create and track sub-task steps within a parent task record.

  • Task Reminders

    Receive notifications when a task has an upcoming due date.

  • Task Escalations

    Set escalation rules to alert managers when important tasks are overdue by a certain period of time or meet custom parameters.

  • Task Automation

    Automate task creation and assignment with custom condition-based triggers and actions.

  • Activities

    See every digital interaction your team makes all in one easy to understand, searchable timeline.

  • Notes

    Log basic notes or rich format notes in activity timelines.

  • Team Calendar

    Visualize team members availability and agendas for scheduling and resource availability.

  • @mentions

    Tag a team member in a note or message directly within the context of any record. This triggers a notification to the team member that they have been pinged and with one click, directs them to your @mention.

  • Attachments

    Upload attachments to activity timelines.

  • Activity Timeline

    Centralized, filterable chronicle of all digital interactions, internal notes, attachments, images, completed tasks and @mentions across all users, within the context of any record.

  • Activity Timeline Search

    Keyword search within the activity timeline to quickly pull up an activity or group of activities containing the keyword.

  • Activity Timeline Filter

    Filter activities within the activity timeline to pull up activity types within the record such as starred items, emails, notes, calls, meetings, reminders, notes and attachments.

  • Activity Starring

    Star or pin important activities within an activity timeline to quickly locate the most important activities within a record.

  • Activity Sharing

    Simply share any activity from one record to any other record across the platform with a couple clicks.

  • Activity Roll-Up

    Automatically roll-up activities from a contact record to the account level and opportunities they are associated with.

  • Color Coding and Icons

    Use color coding and icons to make task statuses pop.

  • Task Cycle Times

    Track task cycle time from creation to completion with ability to breakdown across task stages when applicable.

  • Task Outcomes

    Log and measure task outcomes for any task type.

  • Rich Text Editor

    Format, add hyperlinks, attachments and images to notes, emails and templates.

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