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Track and monitor key metrics across your organization.

  • Dashboards

    Group reports onto completely configurable & customizable dashboards for instant insight.

  • Dashlets

    Create a mini-Dashboard (called a Dashlet!) on top of any View. Show or hide the Dashlet from the View, and include as many Widgets as you want.

  • Widgets

    Dashboard components to analyze trends, track key performance indicators and other various key company metrics.

  • Column Chart

    Vertical bars with bar heights proportionate to the value they represent along the x-axis.

  • Bar Chart

    Horizontal bars with bar lengths proportionate to the value they represent along the y-axis.

  • Stacked Bars

    Add second pivots to Bar and Horizontal Bar charts to stack and analyze a second data set, grouped in the value they represent.

  • Donut Chart

    Circular chart with a hole in the center, divided into sectors proportionate to the value they represent.

  • Funnel Chart

    Vertical funnel sectioned into slices proportionate to the value they represent.

  • Pie Chart

    Circular chart divided into slices proportionate to the value they represent.

  • Gauge Widget

    Track KPIs against targets or ranges with custom color coding.

  • Number Widget

    Monitor KPIs in a simple number widget or track progress against targets.

  • Targets

    Customize targets on Bar, Column, Gauge and Number Widgets.

  • Widget Click Through

    From any widget, click to view underlying data view.

  • Widget Drill Down

    From any widget, click a chart proportion of a widget to drill into to a pre-filtered list of records.

  • Pipeline Analytics

    Snapshot any material changes to your pipeline and drill into changes across any period of time.

  • Multiple Pipelines

    Report on and progress work across multiple pipelines for your different lines of business.

  • Forecasting

    View sales forecasts on a gross or weighted basis with custom, calculated weighting formulas.

  • Sales Targets

    Set company wide sales targets for monthly, quarterly and annual goals.

  • Cycle Time Analytics

    Breakdown total cycle times to stage-based cycle times across any stage-based workflow and pivot groupings by any stage, choice list, date or reference field.

  • Activity Reporting

    Track number of calls, emails, notes, @mentions, attachments and more by team, user, and record.

  • Task Reporting

    Track important, task-based metrics across your team such as cycle times analytics, tasks by owner, by project and more. Customize a task dashboard with various KPIs and metrics using FreeAgent's widgets to keep a pulse on your team's work.

  • Lines Reporting

    Generate reports using line items and parent records to analyze product-based metrics or anything else.

  • Age Reporting

    Identify problem areas through analyzing age in stage and overall age of CRM data.

  • Time Based Reporting

    Generate reports using time parameters from Date, Date Ago, or Date Time fields.

  • Email Analytics

    Track and report email open and click rates across users and templates as well as receive notifications upon a recipient opening or clicking a link or attachment.

  • In-App Reporting

    Instantly convert any data set in any app into a chart visualization.

  • Calculated Columns

    Calculate count/average/max/min/sum for currency and number fields in column headers in list and board views.

  • Dot.Walking

    Dot.walking allows you to add fields from any reference App to your List view. You can also Filter using dot.walked fields.

  • Group By

    Group By' replaces 'Pivot By' in Views. Group (up to 2 fields deep) for better organization and more calculation visibility on one page. Add subtotals too! Bar charts and other widgets use 'Group By' fields automatically.

  • Pareto

    Order your chart and board view layouts from most to least.

  • Pivot Table

    Display data in a simple table calculating values attributed to pivotable data groups.

  • Scheduled Report Delivery

    Automate report distribution to internal recipients or customers.

  • PDF Dashboard Export

    Generate PDFs of dashboards.

  • Export Widgets as Image

    Export widgets as JPG, PDF, PNG, SVG files.

  • PDF Chart Export

    Export charts and widgets in PDF format.

  • CSV Import

    Import data in CSV format to combine datasets from multiple databases with a few clicks.

  • CSV Export

    Export data in CSV format to combine datasets from multiple databases with a few clicks.

  • List Layout

    View records in a list view with in-list charting functionality and hover over card pop ups.

  • Composite Sort

    Sort by up to 3 fields to organize views with tiered sorting.

  • Field Filtering

    Filter by any field or multiple fields and single or multiple field values using various operators.

  • Filter Operators for choice and reference fields

    Filter by "Is" or "Is Not" values.

  • Filter Operators for Currency and Percent Fields

    Filter for values "Between" minimum and max values.

  • Filter Operators for Date Fields

    Filter by "After" specific date, "Before" specific date, "Between" specific dates, dynamic date "Period" and dynamic "Rolling" date periods.

  • Filter Operators for Number Fields

    Filter for values by "Less or Equal to", "Greater or Equal to", "Between", "Is", and "Is Not".

  • Filter Operators for Text Fields

    Filter for values by "Contains", "Does Not Contain", "Is", "Is Not", and "Starts With".

  • XLSX Chart Export

    Export charts and widgets in XLSX format.

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