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Process Management

Standardize, enforce, and optimize how work is done.

  • Custom Stages

    Customize workflow stages within all your apps.

  • Custom Workflows

    Manage, track, and set rules around how work flows through your organization to ensure work progresses efficiently and follows best practices.

  • Form Rules

    Set role and condition-based form rules to determine which components are visible, editable or mandatory as well as change field values when specific conditions are met to manage processes.

  • Dependent Fields

    Assign Set Values for any field, dependent on a stage value selection.

  • Set Field Values

    Assign Set Values for any field, dependent on any custom Form Rule.

  • Required Fields

    Select fields to be or become mandatory upon record creation or dependent upon form rules.

  • Lock After Create

    Lock any field from being editable after the creation of a record.

  • Approval Workflows

    Automate and manage approval workflows in one place.

  • Related Record Quick Create

    Create a record from within a related record, automatically relating the new record and rolls up custom values to avoid duplicated data entry.

  • Kanban Boards

    View records cards across board columns to track work progression across stages and other progress fields.

  • Drag & Drop

    Drag & drop record cards across Boards to progress work.

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