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Tailor every aspect of the system so it fits your business perfectly.

  • Branding

    Brand FreeAgent with your organization's logo.

  • Corporate Themes

    Match FreeAgent's color scheme to your brand and logo.

  • Personal Themes

    Individual user options to choose their own color schemes.

  • User Profiles

    Add your name, your profile picture, and select your preferred language.

  • Homepages

    Custom user-level homepages.

  • Pin Columns

    You can also pin columns by dragging them to the upper left area of the table.

  • Favorites

    Now all your favorites are kept in one handy place on the menu. You can even favorite Dashboards!

  • Customizable All Views

    Admins can now customize each App's 'All' View, showing just the right columns in just the right order. Yay!

  • Embedded Email Signatures

    Create or apply your email signature to display when sending an email from FreeAgent.

  • Working Calendar

    Set your organization's work week.

  • Date Time Preferences

    Customize how you want to view date and time values in the platform.

  • Notification Preferences

    Determine which events you want FreeAgent to notify you about in the web-app and as push notifications on your mobile device.

  • Languages

    Users can select between Spanish and English.

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