Tailor every aspect of the system so it fits your business perfectly.

  • Custom Apps

    Create custom apps to manage any type of work, across your entire business.

  • Custom Forms

    Configure form sections, fields, rules and layouts to provide the simplest user interface for all user types.

  • Custom Form Fields

    Take advantage of over 25 field types to capture important details and boost reporting capabilities.

  • Icons

    Choose from 100s of icons and colors for your apps and field values for sensible and aesthetically pleasing visual cues to navigate the platform extra efficiently.

  • Colors

    Set custom colors for apps and fields for visual cues that extend to your charts.

  • Form Sections

    Headers in forms grouping appropriate fields making up each form section.

  • Form Layout

    Select single or double column forms to arrange field layout as needed.

  • Lines

    Customizable line items within a parent record allow you to reference records across the platform, leverage custom fields and manage many to one record relationships between line items and the parent record.

  • Menu Items

    Assign and list work-efficiency and reporting views with direct click-to functionality in the navigation menu under the parent app.

  • App Actions

    Customizable, action buttons that can update key values, trigger automations, exchange data between integrated solutions and trigger applet pop-outs to support your processes.

  • Custom Cards

    Highly configurable record cards that bring to display pertinent field values and app actions from a record for extensive visibility and functionality in Index, Kanban Board and List (hover-over) views as well as Related Lists.

  • Primary Card Action

    Set a primary app action to be executable from a record card.

  • Related Lists

    In-record drop-downs of other records related to therein, displaying record cards.

  • Template Based Document Generation

    Publish detailed records from our Apps into custom, templated PDF documents.

  • Boolean Field Type

    For when there are only 2 possible values (e.g., yes/no, true/false, incomplete/complete). Customizable labels, colors and icons. Supports calculated fields.

  • Calculated Field Type

    Perform operations using a variety of field types to calculate values or automate field updates using conditional logic.

  • Choice List Field Type

    For selecting one option from a predefined set of choices. Customizable labels, colors and icons.

  • Choice List Multi-Select Field Type

    For selecting one or more options from a predefined set of choices. Customizable labels, colors and icons. Commonly used for tagging.

  • Color Field Type

    For assigning a color to a specific record.

  • Currency Field Type

    For assigning a currency value to a record (e.g., deal amount, discount amount, cost amount). Commonly used in calculated fields.

  • Date Ago Field Type

    For calculating the amount of time that has lapsed since a selected date field (e.g., age of contact, age of deal). Commonly used in cycle time analytics.

  • Date Field Type

    For assigning a specific date value to a record (e.g., close date, due date, renewal date).

  • Date Time Field Type

    For assigning a specific date and time value to a record (e.g., meeting date & time, due date & time, activity time stamping).

  • Duration Field Type

    For calculating the amount of time between events (e.g., phone call duration, time between creation and first activity, automate due dates from a Date or Date Time field value). Commonly used in calculated fields and automations.

  • Email Field Type

    For housing email addresses in records and provides single-click-to email functionality.

  • Email List Field Type

    For housing lists of email addresses in records and creating meetings with multiple guests. Commonly used in automated email list functions (e.g., meeting invitations, automated report distribution, automated templated email to list of recipients).

  • Image Field Type

    For uploading images to a record (e.g., contact photos, account logos, product images). Commonly used in card configurations.

  • Location Field Type

    For housing location information (e.g., contact addresses, business addresses, shipping and billing addresses). Linked with google maps.

  • Note Field Type

    For housing record specific notes with longer strings of texts. Utilizes FreeAgent's Rich Text Editor for formatted notes.

  • Number Field Type

    For capturing general purpose, numerical values that are not Applicable to Currency, Percentage or Date fields (e.g., number of interactions, distances, inventories). Commonly used with format masks and in calculated fields.

  • Number Format Masking

    Specify a number format for any number field.

  • Percent Field Type

    For assigning and calculating percentages (e.g., discounts, margins, commissions). Commonly used in calculated fields.

  • Phone Field Type

    For housing phone numbers in records and provides single click-to-call functionality.

  • Record Reference Field Type

    For setting up dynamic record references between any App records. Commonly used for relating Tasks across any App records in the platform (e.g., tasks specific to contacts, accounts, opportunities, quotes and more).

  • Reference Field Type

    For referencing a singular record in the same or other Apps across the platform to set up custom data relationships and information joining.

  • Reference Join Field Type

    For joining field values from a related record by the way of the Reference field data relationship establishment (e.g., auto-join billing address from account account to quote, auto-join signor title from contact to quote).

  • Reference Multi-Select Field Type

    For referencing one or more records in the same App or other Apps across the platform to set up custom data relationships (e.g., contacts at an account, subdivisions at a parent organization).

  • Schedule Field Type

    For invoking a scheduling view of a user or team calendar (e.g., scheduling meetings, tasks, project and other types of work based on user availabilities).

  • Stage Field Type

    For creating custom stage-based workflows within FreeAgent Apps (e.g., Leads, Opportunities, Quotes, Project stage-based workflows). Customizable labels, colors and icons + Dependent fields functionality.

  • Text Field Type

    For housing short-strings of text with no character type limitations (e.g., names, titles, IDs, short notes).

  • URL Field Type

    For housing clickable URL hyperlinks (e.g., external websites, in-FreeAgent records and views). Commonly used to sync 3rd party web-based solutions to a record in FreeAgent.

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